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    with the NIL rules basically allowing for players to be paid to come play for school X....who do we think will benefit the most from this. I see Saban isn't pleased about this at all. My guess is he knows that Alabama doesn't have as many big money guys that can keep up with the money elsewhere.

    Anyhow...what schools are going to be players in this new world?

    Some of my guesses about it:

    Texas. If ever there was a change in the landscape that could come along and lift the Longhorns out of their mediocrity, it would be this NIL stuff. That school has more big money dudes that are passionate about football than any other. I don't know that it translates to national titles...but they should improve their chances by being able to buy some really nice recruits.

    Along with them I'd think Texas A&M, who already, according Saban, bought their great class.

    I'd think Miami would be in position to get back to being a top program.


    Maybe some posters here have a good handle on who has money to spend on this.

    as a MIZ fan...I am not excited about this. I don't think the Tigers have a bunch of millionaires lined up ready to compete for top recruits.

    It's also worth asking, how much longer does the current conference structure survive? I think there will at some point all schools are going to have to decide if they got the firepower to compete. If you are...for example, Mississippi St....and (I am assuming) you don't have the donors to buy the you become relegated to some second tier while schools like Texas, USC, Miami and other big players form some higher tier league of like 25-40 teams that want to play big money college ball?

    I'm not sure I like where things are going. thoughts?