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Alternative 'bipartisan' apporaches to address the homeless/poor situation in the US

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  • Alternative 'bipartisan' apporaches to address the homeless/poor situation in the US

    I think there is undeniably a problem in the US regarding homelessness (mostly drug addicts it seems) and people being too poor to buy housing in many areas of the country. I think the progressive solutions tend to inhibit the functioning parts of our society. We all care about the downtrodden and I'm interested in finding new out of the box types of solutions that would potentially move the homeless outside of the main parts of cities onto totally unused land.

    Here are some interesting projects related to building small isolated communities for homeless.

    The problems are things such as controlling crime in the communities and supplying services such as food/water/sewage etc. I think this could potentially be handled by giving government grant money to corporations and universities to come up with organization plans and tech to help set up functioning communities for homeless folks so they don't have to live on the streets or occupy premium buildings in cities. If isolated, then allowing inexpensive controlled drug use would be better (but not ideal) and would not lead to addicts committing crimes in the city centers. Since we live in a highly litigious society, homeless people would probably have to sign a waiver to live in such communities. Grant money can be used to test out new forms of living 'off the grid', finding ways to control crime and giving basic necessities. It would not only help the downtrodden with basic life needs until they get back on their feet but could be used as a test bed to develop new tech which may be needed to sustain life here on Earth in the future or even on other celestial bodies.

    Just a few thoughts if anyone is interested. I don't think taking buildings from people, taxing the crap out of people, or forcing people to live with drug addicted homeless people outside their homes is the right way to do things (and it won't work anyway). What I am interested in is more of a win - win type of situation. Homeless/poor win by getting into a tenable situation with housing etc whereas the tax payers win by developing new tech and ideas for suitable/alternative living application and research. I think successful policies are those where tax money is used for things that also benefit tax payers.
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    The big problem is how do you get people off drugs, and sort the people who can function in life from the mentally ill? It's tough to commit people without their permission because of laws prohibiting that.


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      There are a lot of initiatives going on to help combat veterans homelessness where they are able to get land / residential zoning in certain places and build communities and help them rise up. This one in particular comes to mind. They have done great work. There is no reason organizations (funded by grants and other methods) couldn't be developed to combat homelessness at a greater level.

      In regards to the OP, a lot of those "free land links" are referencing programs from a long time ago that don't exist. Several of the links to the cities offering it were from 2005-10. It's also really weird that the OP had to stigmatize and label homeless people generally as drug addicts and more predisposed to commit crime. A majority of homeless people aren't addicts. Furthermore, most homeless people (especially women and children) are more likely to be victims of violent crimes than committers.

      Also the idea of isolating people, making them sign waivers, and relegated to second-class citizens? Jesus Christ that is dumb. Almost as dumb as perpetuating myths about a specific group of people.


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        It will never be bipartisan. The left is far too left. Not just for homeless problems, but for EVERY issue going forward. There’s no such thing as bi partisan anymore. The country is too far apart.

        this is the democrat way. This article is scary :

        Washington Dem socialist walks back idea to occupy empty houses: 'I don’t want people to commit crimes'

        Rebecca Parson, a democratic socialist running for Congress in the state of Washington, posted a video last week saying if she wins her race, people should occupy empty homes across the country to help her advance a potential housing bill.

        I’m guessing she will pay the property taxes on all these homes? Stupid is stupid.

        the problem is the state of a homeless person. They do NOT want help in the sense of getting a job, shelter, etc. Not all, but a huge portion of them. They prefer living on the streets. So they go to blue cities where the policies enable them to live on the streets with no repercussions. There’s shelters in these cities with open beds and they’ll shit and sleep on a sidewalk. Drug life > functional person in society.
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          At some point there will be so many homeless people on the streets in places like SF that the city may make laws forcing people to give up parts of their houses. It could happen if the homeless population keeps exploding. This is what happens during socialist/communist revolutions. Maybe the politicians who aren't doing anything should just start taking in people now. Could have 5-6 families moving into spare rooms at the Pelosi residence. There seems to be plenty of frig space and enough Jenny's ice cream to go around.


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            Where are all these socialist/communists going to come from? Russia? Ha!

            Top causes of homelessness: (1) lack of affordable housing, (2) unemployment, (3) poverty, (4) mental illness and the lack of needed services, and (5) substance abuse and the lack of needed services.

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          looks like trumps plan to build communities for the homeless on cheap land near big cities is what I was proposing in this thread. Great minds think alike. They can live with more dignity.