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Biden let’s in terrorist at border

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  • Biden let’s in terrorist at border

    Just another day in shithole Bidens America.

    so quick to protect borders in other countries. Ignores his own.

    Border Patrol released suspected terrorist who crossed into U.S. illegally, ICE took weeks to rearrest him

    U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement didn't rearrest a suspected terrorist who was released into the United States by Border Patrol agents until two weeks after he was flagged by the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

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    Who knows how many more have crossed in these months.


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      The illegal migrants as we know have to travel with the drug cartels to get to the US border. They not only pay a pretty penny for this it’s extremely dangerous. The cartels can kill them or rape them for fun if they want. Happens a lot. The migrants are ‘off the grid’ and no one is checking if they disappear or not.

      For an example of the cartels cruelty take the San Fernando massacre . The cartel kidnapped a few regular buses and had the hostages all fight to the death with hammers and things allowing the last person alive it live. Women were raped and killed.

      Biden’s promotion of illegal migration is putting people in the hands of these killers.
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        He's an incompetent who is being played and isn't capable of making his own informed decisions or even speaking coherently half the time.

        This video actually frightens me.


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          Often you can see it in his eyes, like no one is home. The walk is also a giveaway that something is off