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CA weed backfire

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  • CA weed backfire

    This just one example. Living in an area where cannabis grows among the best quality I’ve seen MANY illegal grows up and down the coast. Over regulation taxes fees special business licenses insurance etc etc makes illegal grows the dominant force in CA. Why would they want to go the legal route when it’s far more profitable to do it on their own? The set up punishes the business owner doing it the right way….they are being squeezed out by greedy CA politicians who want most their profits through taxes and special “fees”….it’s a joke. Big Sur has many illegal operations that skip the tax code.

    Most the money is going straight to gangs/cartels…..and since it’s legal they are making FAR more money than had it still been illegal. They are also sending it to other states at a higher price/profit. great idea there. Like I said, every single govt entity or oversight is a ****ing disaster.

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    And just like that I post a thread then this comes out. Hahahaahhaahaha.

    democrat CA killed the pot industry. Gee. Over regulation and massive taxes really does kill industries. Imagine that.

    funny how my predictions come out. The moment they made it legal I said the illegal industry would DOUBLE the legal. Sure enough.

    Broad legal sales began in California in 2018, but the industry has been burdened by hefty taxes that can approach 50% in some areas, costly regulation and competition from a flourishing illegal marketplace, which industry analysts estimate is at least twice the size of the legal one.


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      On the topic of mismanaged sh*thole states...

      Texas Calls for Power Conservation After Six Generators Fail