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  • RIP Otis Armstrong

    Klis reporting:

    Sad news on Broncos alumni weekend: Otis Armstrong, former RB great who was first-team All American at Purdue and 1974 first team All Pro, has passed away. He was 70. Armstrong was Broncos No. 9 overall draft pick in 1973. Won NFL rushing title with 1,407 yards in 1974.

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    Getting 1400 yard was a major accomplishment back then. I would put that at over a 2000 yard season in todays league . RIP big guy, glad you were a Bronco.


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      A look back at Armstrong's '74 season:

      Looking back at Otis Armstrong's rushing title in 1974 (


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        Thanks Dude that was awesome!


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          Sad. Otis was one of my favorites. I remember watching him from the South Stands 1 game where he took a short screen pass & weaved his way through defenders for a 40+ yd score ("how did he do that?"! I wondered) He had a quick, darting running style that was unique among Bronco rbs. That 1974 season was amazing (he beat out OJ in OJ's prime for the rushing title). He suffered a bad hamstring injury early in 1975, missing the rest of the season. After that while Otis was still good (and a key member of the 77 team) I thought he had lost a step from his 1974 form. RIP