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    Came across this page and found it amusing enough to share.

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    Ha! Should happen more often! DBs are procreating at an alarming rate!


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      Originally posted by Paladin View Post
      Ha! Should happen more often! DBs are procreating at an alarming rate!
      I laughed out loud and then read the article to my ol' guy -- and he laughed too.


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        Two Southern Belles are sittin’ on the veranda,

        One Belle points at the big shiny car in the driveway, and says, “my Daddy bought me that brand-new Cadillac."

        The other nods, sips her julep, and says, “how nice."

        They rock back and forth on the porch swing a moment, and the first deb speaks up again, lifting her pretty little wrist, adorned with glittery bling, says “see this here diamond tennis bracelet? My Daddy got it for me for my birthday."

        The other one fans herself delicately with her hankie, and says “how nice."

        The first girl says, “my Daddy sent me to Europe after Graduation."

        The second Betty crosses her shapely ankles and says, “how nice."

        The first Belle asks the second, “doesn’t your Daddy buy you pretty things and send you on nice trips?"

        “Well, he did send me to finishing school."

        “What did you learn at finishing school?”

        “I learned how to say, 'how nice,' instead of 'f*** you, bitch.'”


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          A Broncos fan and a Chiefs fan were taking a long walk late one hot Summer night. One says, "hey, there's a rushing stream right there with a bridge over it. Let's sit for a few minutes." The other agreed.

          The two sat in the middle of the bridge with their legs dangling over the side. After a minute, the Chiefs fan says, "I gotta take a leak, but I don't wanna stand up just yet." Couple seconds later, they heard 'Zzzzzip ... ker-plunk!,' and the Chiefs fan says "this water is cold!"

          Then came another 'Zzzzzip ... ker-plunk!' ... and the Broncos fan says "sure is cold. Deep too."


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            Classic ............