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Time to dangle student loan crap for votes again!

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  • Time to dangle student loan crap for votes again!

    It’s amazing how so many people can’t even form a basic rational thought about this.

    lmao at 321B.

    Erasing $10,000 per borrower would require the government to cancel about $321 billion in federally backed loans, according to an analysis published by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York last week. That would benefit about 11.8 million borrowers, or roughly 31.1%, and cancel 30.5% of loans delinquent or in default prior to pandemic forbearance.

    “The plan may also disproportionately benefit wealthy Americans, according to an analysis by the University of Chicago’s Becker Friedman Institute for Economics. The study showed that erasing all student loan debt would distribute $192 billion to the top 20% of earners in the U.S., but just $29 billion to the bottom 20% of U.S. households.”

    All that money going to people who can already live life with a student loan debt just fine.

    All the past loans paid off by hard working responsible people should be paid back then too. Wouldn’t be surprised if they only cancel black student loan debt.

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    How would you define "black" students. 28% black is when people start to self-identify as "black." That would be a big mess. I would be taking a DNA test to get my student loan money back. Just about everybody with ancestry in the South has at least a drop of African blood.

    Maybe they should require DNA tests and discount student loans by the same percentage as African blood. Some white people may have had a poor African great grandmother that was raped. They need to be compensated a little for that part of suffering in their own heritage. Like I said, it would be a mess.
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      Financial Planning Tip:

      If you've got kids going to college, max out every reasonable-interest student loan you can find. Invest every extra dollar. Once Bernie Bros finally overcome and get their way.... free government-supplied investments for you!

      If there's even a 10% chance they ever go through with this, it's well worth the risk of a marginal loss on interest.


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        What about those who worked there ass off and paid for school without a loan. They get screwed while losers who wasted school loans on social studies get a big break