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Democrats and misinfornation

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  • Democrats and misinfornation

    So clown Obama gave a speech at a place dear to me… in that speech he sent the message to control information…..sounds right up 1930s Germany eh? The movie 1984 all over again…..

    “Obama's speech Thursday at Stanford University sent the message that Democrats "want to control what is said and what is not said," McEnany told guest host Brian Kilmeade. "That's why Corporate America, social media is trying so hard to maintain their grip on power to the point where entities like Twitter are doing what is averse to their shareholders' interest to keep Elon Musk out.”

    funny. We watched years of misinformation being peddled by liberals and their propaganda machine….debunked news reports….false stories…..fake narratives to push themselves into power….and not a peep from anyone on the left about the dangers of misinformation…misinformation was literally their tool used from 2016-2020. Nov 2016 they declared that election illegitimate and pushed lies in the corporate world, social media, etc etc….

    2016-2020 : misinformation used as a tool and weapon by democrats.

    2021-2022 : all we hear are democrats crying about misinformation…

    “Obama also mentioned congressional reform of Section 230, which provides legal immunity to social media companies in certain instances. His call for reform "was a bit curious," McEnany said, since such companies "do all of the Democrats' dirty work."

    ****ing hypocrites.