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Gangs Going After the Wealthy

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  • Gangs Going After the Wealthy

    17 L.A. gangs have sent out crews to follow and rob city's wealthiest, LAPD says

    More than a dozen Los Angeles gangs are targeting some of the city's wealthiest residents in a new and aggressive manner, sending out crews in multiple cars to find, follow and rob people driving high-end vehicles or wearing expensive jewelry, according to police.

    In many cases, they're making off with designer handbags, diamond-studded watches and other items worth tens of thousands of dollars — if not more — and then peddling them to black-market buyers who are willing to turn a blind eye to the underlying violence, police said.

    In some cases, suspects have been arrested but then released from custody, according to police, only to commit additional robberies.

    Those are among the conclusions of a Los Angeles Police Department task force convened at the end of last year to identify the cause of a sudden surge in "follow-home," or "follow-off," robberies, so called because victims are robbed soon after leaving luxury boutiques and hotels, ritzy restaurants, trendy nightclubs and other locations where the gangs are scouting for targets.

    Sounds like the "Rio-Ization" of L.A. This should speed up the exodus.

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    I guess I could have posted this under the "End of Civilization" thread.


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      This is great news


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        Maybe a tax cut would help?


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          It ain’t just L.A.

          Colombian gangs targeting the wealthy in Houston

          From Dallas to Houston, gang members are often posing as cops before busting into homes and robbing people. In some cases homeowners have been tortured.


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            U.S. Sees Spate of Flash Mob Robberies


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              Nothing new. This has been happening in that 3rd world city for a while now.


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                This is the kind of shit that leads to a totalitarian state: "We will protect you!"