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Watson Introduced by Browns, Says He’s Innocent.

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  • Watson Introduced by Browns, Says He’s Innocent.

    Am I the only one 100% satisfied this isn’t a Broncos headline?

    As far as I know, Wilson has never had to clarify that he’s innocent. And I do thing that’s important, even though the NFL seems to overlook more and more based on taken.

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    Many people are saying they also heard Watson say today that he’s “far from finished”.

    Click image for larger version

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      Cosby drugged women.
      Look how his soul split inside.
      old liar has eyes that think different thoughts from each other so much they separated a little. That's a fellas insides arguing and smeagol/gollum manuevering.
      also why old cowboys say "Look me in the eye when you talk to me"

      Watson just offered money and pulled off his sok towel in a massage. No one was drugged and all of them were paid after making agreement to do so...

      I Don't think Watson is a predator.
      ​​​​​Cosby definitely was a sexual predator.

      That said... I wanted him only if we couldn't land Wilson or Rodgers. So I am not only glad we don't have him, I'm glad we didn't have to even get close to that because plan 1A was Wilson all along.


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        Watson's doubling down with a lie that all 22 women are lying instead of him. I wonder who had the highest total by age 25--Watson, Trump, or Cosby?


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          Watson says he's innocent.

          Baker Mayfield says, "Then why am I still sore?"