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Jay Cutler's Podcast makes news

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  • Jay Cutler's Podcast makes news

    Last guy I would ever guess for his own podcast ... several reasons:
    1. After drafting him, Shanahan set up a dinner with Jay, and a surprise guest - John Elway. Apparently Jay barely said a word, and his attention was transfixed on the TV monitors around the restaurant.
    2. Rumors Brian Urlacher cold-cocked him (anybody know if true?)
    3. Lackadaisical attitude - 11 yrs = 1 playoff; 51-51 record w/ Bears
    4. All those "Smokin' Jay Cutler" memes ...
    . . .
    5. Some who dealt with him said it seemed like he might be "on the spectrum."
    6. Hot wife Kristin Cavalieri said in divorce "he never talks to me."

    And now, the "Uncut Podcast with Jay Cutler" has made some news: Last week his guest Sage Steele, new sportscaster on ESPN, made some un-toward comments about Covid vaccines and Barack Obama. ESPN yanked her off the air. Now yesterday she made a public apology.

    All this Jay Cutler. I don't get it.

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    What's he going to do?
    "Just be there looking at paint whilst not trying hard?"