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Technology question - Automatic Twitter feed?

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  • Technology question - Automatic Twitter feed?

    I'm wondering if any of you smart people have an answer for this.

    One of the things I'd like to add is a page that we could label "Latest Broncos News," or something similar. On it, we'd just have team-related tweets (the main team feed; players; certain media members; etc). We could add and remove new accounts as needed. It would need to be automated to update in real time. This is a little different, but the format looks nice: OrangeHerd

    From what I can tell, that page basically does the same thing. It's just lists its members' twitter feeds, rather than general ones that are added by an administrator. Anyone have any ideas?

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    google something like this
    open source social media aggregator


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      Pretty sure all you have to do is have a Twitter account, create a list and add personalities related to the Broncos that you would want for news, and then you can get a script generated (in the widgets part of the app) to embed in a post/thread that show said Tweets.