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  • Official Orange Huddle Mock Draft DISCUSSION thread

    Alpha list:

    Allen, Christopher
    Allgeier, Tyler
    Andersen, Troy
    Anderson, Adam
    Anderson, Tycen
    Anenih, David
    Anthony, Andre
    Araiza, Matt
    Armour-Davis, Jalyn
    Asamoah, Brian
    Austin, Calvin III
    Austin, Kevin
    Badie, Tyler
    Barnes, Kalon
    Barno, Amare
    Beavers, Darrian
    Bell, David
    Bell, Markquese
    Bellinger, Daniel
    Belton, Dane
    Bernard, Terrel
    Blount, Joey
    Bolden, Bubba
    Bonitto, Nik
    Booker, Thomas
    Booth, Andrew, Jr.
    Brisker, Jaquan
    Brown, Ben
    Brown, Montaric
    Bruss, Logan
    Bryant, Coby
    Burford, Spencer
    Burks, Treylon
    Butler, Matthew
    Butler, Percy
    Calcaterra, Grant
    Camarda, Jake
    Carter, Ja'Tyre
    Carter, Zachary
    Chandler, Ty
    Chenal, Leo
    Cine, Lewis
    Clark, Damone
    Clemons, Michael
    Coan, Jack
    Cook, Bryan
    Cook, Dylan
    Cook, James
    Corker, Yusuf
    Corral, Matt
    Cross, Charles
    Cross, Nick
    Davis, Kalia
    Davis, Jordan
    Dean, Nakobe
    Deculus, Austin
    Deese, Derrick, Jr.
    Diesch, Kellen
    Dixon, Dai'jon
    Domann, Jojo
    Dotson, Jahan
    Doubs, Romeo
    Drummond, Dontario
    Dulcich, Greg
    Durant, Decobie
    Ebiketie, Arnold
    Ekwonu, Ikem
    Elam, Kaiir
    Eleby, Kaleb
    Elliss, Noah
    Emerson, Martin
    Engabarre, Kingsley
    Evans, Akayleb
    Eze, Obinna
    Ezeudu, Joshua
    Ezukanma, Erik
    Faalele, Daniel
    Farrell, Neil
    Fayad, Ali
    Ferguson, Jake
    Flott, Cordale
    Ford, Jerome
    Fortner, Luke
    Gardner, Ahmad
    Garrett Haskell
    Goedeke, Luke
    Goodrich, Mario
    Goodson, Tyler
    Gordon, Kyler
    Gray, Danny
    Gray, Vincent
    Green, Kenyon
    Gunter, Jeffrey
    Hall, Breece
    Hall, Logan
    Hamilton, Kyle
    Hansford, Aaron
    Hardy, Daniel
    Harris, Christian
    Haskins, Hassan
    Hayes, Marquis
    Heiligh, Jaivon
    Hill, Daxton
    Hines, Chasen
    Howell, Sam
    Hutchinson, Aiden
    Ingram, Ed
    Jackson, D'Marco
    Jackson, Drake
    Jobe, Josh
    Johnson, Eric
    Johnson, Jermaine
    Johnson, Josh
    Johnson, Tyree
    Johnson, Zion
    Jones, Braxton
    Jones, Jack
    Jones, Marcus
    Jones, Travis
    Jones, Velus, Jr.
    Jurgens, Cam
    Joseph, Kerby
    Karlaftis, George
    Kendrick, Derion
    Kinnard, Darian
    Kolar, Charlie
    Kramer, Doug
    Lake, Quentin
    Leal, DeMarvin
    Likely, Isaiah
    Linderbaum, Tyler
    Lindstrom, Alec
    Lloyd, Devin
    London, Drake
    Lowe, Vederian
    Lucas, Abraham
    Lucas, Chase
    Luketa, Jesse
    Mafe, Boye
    Malone, DeAngelo
    Mathis, Damarri
    Mathis, Phidarian
    Mays, Cade
    McBride, Trey
    McClain, Zakoby
    McCollum, Zyon
    McCreary, Roger
    McDuffie, Trent
    McFadden, Micah
    McKinley, Verone
    McMillian, Ja’Quon
    Melton, Bo
    Metchie, John III
    Mitchell, Max
    Monday, Smoke
    Moon, Jeremiah
    Moore, Isaac
    Moore, Skyy
    Muma, Chad
    Munford, Thayer
    Muse, Nick
    Neal, Evan
    O'Neal, Leon
    Ogbonnia, Otito
    Ojabo, David
    Okonkwo, Chigoziem
    Olave, Chris
    Otomewo, Esezi
    Otton, Cade
    Parham, Dylan
    Paschal, Josh
    Paul, Chris
    Penning, Trevor
    Perry, E.J.
    Petit-Frere, Nick
    Phillips, Kyle
    Pickens, George
    Pickett, Kenny
    Pierce, Alec
    Pierce, Dameon
    Pimpleton, Kalil
    Pitre, Jalen
    Raimann, Bernhard
    Rambo, Charleston
    Ray, LaBryan
    Rhyan, Sean
    Ridder, Desmond
    Ridgeway, John
    Rodriquez, Malcolm
    Roberson, Reggie, Jr.
    Robinson, Brian
    Robinson, Dominique
    Robinson, Wan'Dale
    Rose, Mike
    Rosenthal, Dare
    Ross, Justyn
    Ruckert, Jeremy
    Rupcich, Andrew
    Salyer, Jamaree
    Sanborn, Jack
    Sanders, Myjai
    Shaffer, Justin
    Shakir, Khalil
    Smith, Brandon
    Smith, Lectius
    Smith, Tyler
    Smith, Tyreke
    Spiller, Isaiah
    Sterns, Jereth
    Stingley, Derek
    Stonehouse, Ryan
    Stout, Jordan
    Strange, Cole
    Strong, Carson
    Strong, Pierre
    Stueber, Andrew
    Taylor, Alontae
    Taylor-Britt, Cam
    Thibodeaux, Kayvon
    Thomas, Cameron
    Thomas, Isaiah
    Thomas, Juanyeh
    Thompson, Josh
    Thornton, Tyquan
    Tindall, Channing
    Tolbert, Jalen
    Tom, Zach
    Toure, Samori
    Turner, Cole
    Uwazurike, Eyioma
    Volson, Cordell
    Waletzko, Matt
    Walker, Kenneth III
    Walker, Quay
    Walker, Rasheed
    Walker, Travon
    Watson, Christian
    Watson, Jaylen
    Weatherford, Sterling
    Wells, Carson
    West, Dohnovan
    White, Rachaad
    White, Zamir
    Wiliams, Damarion
    Williams, Jameson
    Williams, Joshua
    Williams, Kyren
    Williams, Sam
    Willis, Malik
    Wilson, Garrett
    Winfrey, Perrion
    Wright, Alex
    Wright, C J
    Wright, Mykael
    Woods, J T
    Woods, Jelani
    Woolen, Tariq
    Wyatt, Devonte
    Wydermeyer, Jalen
    Zakelj, Nick
    Zappe, Bailey

    Total: 262
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    Alright suckers, the Orange Mane may be gone, but the mock draft rocks on. I have to rewrite the guidelines because the old board got canned before I could get in and save the established rules. I may miss some shit, we’ll see. Here goes.

    1. The Mock Draft will start on Tuesday March 22 at 8:00 AM EST. This gives time for major free agents to sign and enough time for us to complete our selections before the April 28th draft. Each team will require a drafter to make selections for them. Some members that have teams of long standing (Jebures - Jets, Bowlenball - Steelers) will keep their same squads. The Broncos will have an owner who has never drafted for them before. To select your team, please list your top 3 to 5 choices and I will attempt to make sure everyone gets a team they can live with. For this year and perhaps beyond, we will do community selections for the Rams as they have given away nearly every damn selection. However, if someone really wants the Rams, they are welcome to them.

    2. We draft for all seven rounds and Bowlenball runs a nifty Undrafted Free Agent Round. All seven rounds of the regular draft are required for participation. If your attention span isn’t that long, feel free to just watch. Each drafter will receive a 12 hour window in which to draft.

    3. There will be three different draft threads to follow: The Discussion, Selection, and Trade threads. The discussion thread is just that; a place to discuss picks, banter, talk about how much Ludo’s pick sucked, etc. The Selection thread is just for your selections. Please list the time you made your selection so we know when the 12 hour clock starts. In your selection, you can list all of the players stats, 40 time, positive write ups, and a kick ass picture. After your selection, please PM the next person up to let them know that they are On The Clock. Finally, the Trade thread is where all trades can be discussed. PLEASE start trade discussions BEFORE you go OTC. Yes, you do have a 12 hour clock do with as you see fit, but the draft is more fun if picks are made quickly once you are up.

    4. Trades: We have no guarantee of who will have what team from year to year. So, no trading of future draft picks or current players on NFL rosters. You may trade draft picks in the 2022 draft AND the rights to any player previously selected in the 2022 Mock Draft. Simply announce the trade in the Trades thread and who gets what selections. Then PM Bowlenball and myself, and we will update the Main selection page. Trades cannot officially take place until we start on March 22. However, feel free to lay the groundwork for trades in order to get them approved when we kick into gear.

    5. Be ready for your selection. I know, we all have to sleep, work, watch our kids/cats doing dumb stuff, etc. We have two tools to help keep you notified and the picks coming quickly. If you feel comfortable with it, please give me your cell number in a PM. I follow the mock closely and can text when you are OTC. That is all I ever use the cell number for, unless I strike up a Broncos chat text with you; that has happened with a few mock drafters over the years. However, I never misuse the cell number or give it out to any entity. Another tool is the priority list. If you are going to be up soon, but have to go to bed or work, please PM a priority list of players you want to myself (JCMElway,) Jebures, and Bowlenball. One of us will be up and around and will post the selection for you, and that keeps the draft going. On your PM, just put ‘PRIORITY LIST Pick ##’ in the title. We will not open the list until you are OTC. Also, space the selections out so we don’t see them all on the same screen, so no sniping of your target. Anyway, we’re all honest blokes.

    6. The draft order will be posted on the first post of the Selections thread by myself or Bowlenball. When posting your selections please post them in this format:

    John Elway, QB, Stanford.

    This makes for easy copying, pasting, and formatting. To help everyone keep better track of who has been selected, there will be an alphabetical list of players selected. This will appear on the first post of the Discussion thread. Please check the alphabetical list before you select. If you take a selected player, you may re-select, but the next player will be considered to be On The Clock and may select.

    7. No name dropping, please. If a player has not been selected, please do not discuss them in the discussion thread. A drafter may be keen on a player and if their name gets dropped prematurely, that may cause them to get snapped up more quickly. This does not really apply to first rounders or other players that are widely known.

    8. We have a UDFA round that will start by April 20 at the latest. Bowlenball will post those rules, but that does give us a deadline to finish this thing. If we get to April 15th at 8 AM EST and are not finished, we will go to a six hour clock to speed things along.

    9. The dreaded pinch drafter. If someone misses a selection, the pinch drafter will select for them. Don’t know who this is yet, but usually we don’t have to use them much. If someone misses a selection in rounds 1-2, the pinch drafter will make their pick immediately. If they miss in rounds 3-5, the PD will select for them after three selections go by. Missing rounds 6-7, six selections will go by before the PD is called in. In later rounds we have a bit of latitude, but in earlier rounds we need picks in on time to keep bigger draft prospects from sliding when they shouldn’t.

    10. OK, that’s it. I will have teams/GMs soon and Bowlenball will have a draft order up a bit after that. I may update these guidelines if I have missed anything. And as always, don’t suck and try not to get butt hurt.


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      1. JCMelway/Dbroncos4life----Lions
      2. jebures---------Jets
      3. Ludo-------------Cardinals
      4. Lukeb55---------Cowboys
      5. Bowlen Ball-------Steelers
      6. Requiem----------Vikings
      7. Roh-----------------Rams
      8. Aztec Bronco------Eagles
      9. Zerovoltz-----------Chorfs
      10. Broncos23——Seahawks
      11. PRBronco——Chargers
      12 Big Cheeze——WFT
      13 Coloradobuff—-Falcons
      14 Florida Bronco—Dolphins
      15 Broncobuff ——-Broncos
      16 Phibacka31——-Browns
      17 Agent Zero———Faiders
      18 GoHam—————Buccs
      19 Gunns—————NY Giants
      20 BPC——————-Bengals
      21 Old Dude————-Saints
      22. Indelscribe———-Ravens
      23. SoDak Bronco——Bears
      24 Shananahan———Jaguars
      25 Eddie Mac————Patriots
      26. GordonGekko————49ers
      27. Formerly Passowrd------Texans
      28. Dom Casual————Bills
      29. SGB———————-Titans
      30 Arkie——————Panthers
      31 GoPackGo—-——-Packers
      32 OBF1——————-Colts


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        Woohoo! Thanks for taking charge with this. Glad ya'll made it!

        Click image for larger version

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          So, I probably know 5 or 6 makes from guys that will be drafted in the first round this year. This will be interesting. Feel free to kick me out and find someone new I'll try to keep up with the draft as best I can though and not screw up too bad


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            The pick order is now posted in the selection thread -- we lock this on March 22nd, so be sure to check all your picks in the list to confirm that they're correct.

            The NFL has posted an official draft order on their website, and they seem to be updating as picks are made (they sent the Raiders picks to the Packers about an hour after the trade was announced). Here's the link:


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              Man I love all these massive trades going down before our cut off, so much intrigue and drama!


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                Reflecting on last year's draft as the Vikings. Feel free to do the same with your draft classes. How did they look in year one?

                21 Vikings OM Mock Draft:

                #14: Christian Darrisaw, OT - Virginia Tech

                Was actually picked by the Vikings. Looked pretty decent after missing 4-5 games with injury. Starter.

                #58: Jevon Holland, DB - Oregon

                This was a home run pick to date. Thought his evaluation was easy. Holland was awesome for the Dolphins and an absolute playmaker right away. Gonna be a stud.

                #90: Jordan Smith, EDGE - UAB

                Didn't do squat. We'll see.

                #119: Kendrick Green, OG/C - Illinois

                Started 15 games this year. They signed James Daniels to compete so we will see if he earns a spot on the OL this year. I'd expect him to.

                #120: Osa Odighizuwa, DT - UCLA

                Started 12 games this year. PFF grade is doo doo, but I think it's pretty clear he is getting PT in Dallas moving forward.

                #134: Demetric Felton, RB/WR - UCLA

                Swiss Army knife for the Browns that got some PT and reps due to injuries and ST ability. His testing was dog shit, but all that guy did was make plays with the Bruins. Gets to play with Deshaun Watson moving forward. Stock up.

                #143: Ihmir Smith-Marsette, WR - Iowa

                Got picked by the Vikings for real. Only played in 8 games. 5 catches, 116 yards, and two tuddies on the year. Has return ability too. I think he will get better and have more reps this season.

                Very solid overall for year one impressions, IMHO.


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                  Here's my 2021 class:
                  #13 - Rashawn Slater OT: Team/player match + massive on field performance. Crushed it.
                  #47 - Liam Eichenberg OT: I forgot about this guy, but apparently he started 16 games for the Dolphins. His PFF score says he was bad.
                  #70 - Tutu Atwell WR: Went on IR early. Maybe it's tough for a 150 lbs guy to make it in the NFL.
                  #97 - Patrick Jones II DE: 4 tackles on the year. Get Canton on the line.
                  #118 - Aaron Banks G: Played 5 snaps on offense. Higher PFF grade than my 2nd round OT at least.
                  #159 - Shi Smith WR: Barely played, 6 catches on the year.
                  #185 - Jaret Patterson RB: Spot duty all season, ended up with 68 carries and 10 catches, not bad I guess. I was super salty about this guy going undrafted.
                  #241 - DJ Daniel CB: Got signed as a UDFA by Jax but apparently didn't even make the PS. This guy doesn't even have a ****ing wikipedia page, that's how you know he was a good pick.

                  UDFAs - I scrounged a bunch last year, I'll only list the ones who did anything
                  Luke Farrell - Drafted in the 5th by Jax. 4 starts, 7 catches.
                  Isaiahh Loudermilk - Drafted by the Steelers, played most of the season, even started 2 games?
                  Roy Lopez - Drafted in the 6th by the Texans, started 15 games for them apparently!? Wow I'm really good at this.
                  Pressley Harvin III - Booming punts for the Steelers all year.


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                    Forgot about Ernest Jones, who went in the third round to LAR, that I got in UDFA. Played in 15 games, 7 starts, 61 tackles, 1 sack, 2 INTs. Super Bowl Champion!


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                      Jets 2021 Draft
                      #2 QB Trevor Lawrence, Jaguars. Started 17 games. 3641 yards, 12 tds-17 picks. Will be a stud
                      #39 RB Javonte Williams, Broncos. Started 1 game, played 17. 903 yds rushing 3 tds, 43 catches 316 yds 3 tds. STUD
                      #40 OT Alex Leatherwood, Raiders. Started all 17 games between RT and G, sucked at tackle, ok at guard. Average player
                      #66 CB Aaron Robinson, Giants. Started 2 games, played 9. 26 tackles 3 pass defensed: Unknown
                      #81 EDGE Elerson SMith, Giants. 8 games played. 8 tackles, 1 FF: Unknown
                      #86 OT Spencer Brown, Bills. 13 games played, 10 starts: Fixture at RT for Bills for 12 years: STUD
                      #107 LB Pete Werner, Saints. 15 games played, 8 starts: 62 tackles, 4 TFL: played well, could be longtime starter
                      #126 QB Davis Mills, Texans: 13 games played,11 starts: 2664 yards, 16tds-10 picks. Starting QB for Texans this year. (STEAL)
                      #145 CB Benajmin St. Juste, WFT. 9 games played, 3 starts. 26 tackles, 3 pass defensed, 1 FF (potential)
                      #154 S Caden Sterns, Broncos. 15 games played, 2 starts. 28 tackles, 2 sacks, 2 picks, 5 pass defense. (Starter for Broncos)
                      #186 LB Garret Wallow, Texans. 17 games played, 2 starts. 23 tackles, 1 sack, 2TFL (good depth and ST)
                      #215 RB Javian Hawkins, Rams. DId not play last year, on 2 practice squads, Now FUTURE signing Rams
                      #231 WR Dez Fitzpatrick, Titans. 4 gampes played, 5 catches 49yds and a TD
                      UDFA G Cole Van Lanen Packers. 1 Game played
                      UDFA CB Brandin Echols Jets. Same team. 14 games played, 14 starts. 63 tackes, 2 ints, 1 TD, 2 TFL (STEAL)
                      UDFA DL Marquis Specner Broncos. 1 game played 1 tackle
                      UDFA OT Carson Green, Texans. DNP, Texans future contract
                      UDFA WR Blake Proehl, Vikings. IR all season
                      UDFA P Drue Chrisman Bengals: Bengals and Steelers PSQ, FUTURE deal with Bengals
                      UDFA CB Isaiah Dunn Jets. Same team. PLayed 12 games, 1 start. 8 tackles 2 pass defensed
                      UDFA TE Dylan Soehrner Saints. IR all season
                      UDFA S Zayne Anderson Chiefs. 4 games played, 1 tackle, played more in playoffs
                      UDFA LB Milo Eifler WFT. 3 games played


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                        I possibly got 2 franchise QBs in same draft, George Paton better call me to consult this year


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                          Echols was a steal. Figured your sneaky GM skills would bid major bucks on him. Got rid of him as a top target because of that. Another year, another jebures hot stove!


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                            Ok lady and gentlemen; it’s almost time! Shananahan and the Jags will be OTC at 8 AM EST on Tuesday! If he wanted to pick around 11 or so Monday night that would be fine.

                            Let’s do this!


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                              BTW, a note to all: keep your noses clean during the mock. If you get banned during the mock consider yourself replaced for the entirety of the draft.


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                                Originally posted by JCMElway View Post
                                BTW, a note to all: keep your noses clean during the mock. If you get banned during the mock consider yourself replaced for the entirety of the draft.
                                Noted! Are there any new rules I need to be aware of here that might sneak up on me? Not that I'm planning to stir anything up, but I'm still scarred from the time Taco suddenly flicked a switch and banned me for making fun of Josina. I thought that was our official pastime.


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                                  here we goooo almost time yall


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                                    Congratulations on whomever comes in 2nd place!


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                                      FFS I just noticed there's an additional 3 picks in the draft this year, I need to change a bunch of cells in the scoring spreadsheet now.


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                                        This is probably the least prepared I have ever been for one of these


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                                          Originally posted by jebures View Post
                                          This is probably the least prepared I have ever been for one of these
                                          Lol I only paid attention to the QBs for the last 2 months, now I'm purging all that data and trying to get up to speed on everything else.


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                                            Jebures, Ludo, Dbroncs and myself are pinch drafter by committee. Here is what I just sent to them:

                                            Gentlemen, we are the pinch drafter this year. If someone missed their pick, first guy in will select that teams biggest need. 2nd one in will pick their favorite ranking site and take highest rated player at that position. If one of us is within 5 selections we are not involved in pinch drafting.

                                            Don’t miss your pick and this post is irrelevant


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                                              Click image for larger version

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                                                Originally posted by JCMElway View Post
                                                BTW, a note to all: keep your noses clean during the mock. If you get banned during the mock consider yourself replaced for the entirety of the draft.
                                                You guys know where to find me if Dom sends me into exile!

                                                Click image for larger version

Name:	dicaprio-maybe.gif
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                                                  I've ran the profootball networks mock draft sim probably 300 times over the past 2 weeks (really really bored at work)'s familiarized me with who should go about where and in the process, I've read into a number of guys.....this is probably the most prepared I've ever been coming into one of these.

                                                  sadly, I am going to lose my Carson Strong Bet