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Liberal SF kicks out liberal school board members

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  • Liberal SF kicks out liberal school board members

    It’s come to the point where Democrats realize the road they went down is a dead end. Main stream America is not woke. Dumbasses like AOC killing the democrat party.

    when SF votes out liberalism it’s a wake up call.

    A "Morning Joe" panel on Wednesday said Democrats had a "wokeness problem" in a discussion of the San Francisco school board vote, in which three members were ousted because of progressive politics.

    "The Democrats have to step away from the super wokeness," Deutsch said. "I mean San Francisco really tells what's going on. You have three school board members that were voted out by 70% because they're focusing on things like changing the name of schools. This is not what voters care about. When it comes to school, they care about are they safe, are they getting the right education … are the schools open?"

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    They keep confusing the rejection of one group of idiots as a carte blanche mandate for their own.

    And so we careen back and forth again and again. Then they'll pretend circumstances brought them to the beating they're about to get. Because they only like to look in mirrors when they win.