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"Only Murders in the Building"

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  • "Only Murders in the Building"

    Finished binging this yesterday. Really good show.

    I've liked Steve Martin for decades, and while I'm not a big fan of Martin Short, he's very good in this. Not bad for a couple guys in their 70s. And Selena Gomez is a damned good actress. She keeps up with Martin and Short no problem. All the other actors were very well cast and delivered delightful performances across the board. Nathan Lane and Jane Lynch were obviously having a ball. I like seeing competent people doing what they do best and their enjoyment makes its even better.

    The dramatic stuff was done well, but didn't make the show somber or sad. The comedy, dark as it was in places, was brought in to lighten things up. I haven't really LOLed at anything in a long time, and this show delivered many times.

    Anyone else watch it?

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    I watched this and thought it was entertaining.