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Manchin: Using Government to Serve Yourself

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  • Manchin: Using Government to Serve Yourself

    As governor, Joe Manchin supported an unusual detail in a clean energy bill that was moving through the West Virginia Legislature in 2009.

    The provision classified waste coal as an alternative energy.

    The muddy mix of discarded coal and rocks is one of the most carbon-intensive fuels in America. And Manchin’s family business stood to benefit financially when it was reclassified as something akin to solar, wind and hydropower.

    Selling the scrap coal has earned Manchin millions of dollars over three decades, and he has used his political positions to protect the fuel — and a single power plant in West Virginia that burns it — from laws and regulations that also threatened his family business.

    It continues today.

    Only now Manchin has enormous influence over federal climate policy. He is using his chair role of the energy committee — and role as maverick Democrat – to shape environmental policy across the states.

    His opposition in December to a sweeping $1.7 trillion social spending bill known as Build Back Better ruptured one of the most ambitious climate packages in U.S. history.

    Then last week Manchin offered what stands to be his final word on the bill: “It’s dead,” he said.


    “Everything that he does, everything that he did when he was governor, everything that he has done while he is a senator, is going to advance his best interest and the interest of the people who put money in his pocket, period,” said Nancy Peoples Guthrie, who was a Democratic state lawmaker at the time. “That’s all you need to know about Joe Manchin."

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    This dirt bag will go down as one of the worst Benedict Arnolds in American history.

    F*** him and the horse he rode in on.


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      He really should just join the GOP and get it over with.