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Woody Paige on various topics (broncos qb club)

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  • Woody Paige on various topics (broncos qb club)

    Woody Paige did a Zoom call with our Broncos Quarterback Club group tonight. Some of Woody's comments:

    There are 6 different groups as Woody has written.
    there will be a bidding process - some say whoever pays the most money will get the franchise. not true. nfl will manipulate this. The nfl has a list of owners they want in their ownership group so they won't approve anybody (they didn't approve donald trump when trump wanted to buy the Bills even though trump offered more money than the current Buffalo owners)
    There are reports john elway is searching for an ownership group to be a part of. Not true. John has a group - John wants to be with a winning group.
    One of the groups is a denver based group fronted by a law firm
    Another is a group of minority owners in two other sports (nhl and nba)

    Head coach:
    A search committee has been traveling cross country interviewing candidates. There are people back in denver that are part of the process (joe ellis and john elway). elway is on the zoom conference calls. John isn't asking questions but he's on the calls and will have input.
    The coach could be named as soon as Monday. Woody thinks the coach will be named next week.
    Woody's opinion on the different candidates:

    Dan Quinn - google the podcast finding mastery with Dan Quinn, listen to this and you'll be impressed. The players like Quinn similar to the way broncos players liked gary kubiak. Kubiak gave best speeches. Quinn has picked good young coaches. He took the worst defense in the NFL in dallas to one of the top 2 or 3. he'll get one of these head coaching jobs. Denver is not the most attractive job out there in Woody's opinion.

    Hackett - 1a to Quinn's 1, well respected, well admired

    O'Connell - not getting a lot of play, has proven himself with 3 or 4 other franchises

    Callahan- he's been on the bronco staff before, married his wife here, has great love for Denver, he has a really good chance, he comes from great coaching tree

    little chance:
    aaron glenn - exciting young man, gm of an indoor football team in the past, exceptional, broncos really impressed. but it's probably too early for him to get a head coaching job
    getsy - sharp young man not a premier candidate. if hackett gets a head coaching job getsy will be the packer's offensive coordinator
    gannon - philly defense bad the last couple of games. won't be the coach
    mayo - maybe a future defensive coodinator . he is really co coordinator with patriots now, again too early for him to be a head coach
    bieniemy - denver is not right situation, vikings are a better fit, eric calls more plays for kc than people know (he calls alot of the plays, andy reed can override Eric but often does not)
    kellen moore - too young, too early

    likes kenny pickett the best of the qb's coming out of the draft, but pickett is 25 years old. He'd be an old rookie. tough, great developmental qb. can't develop him for a long time given his age. matt corral has been hurt, not that great a passer reminds woody of drew lock
    woody thinks the broncos should consider signing mitch trubisky. Mitch is a free agent, and has had a year under the Buffalo coaching staff that did a good job developing Josh Allen.

    other stories:
    When Woody first came to town he wrote a negative article about the Broncos. He got a call the next day from the Broncos. "Coach ralston wants to see you", Woody met Ralston and John told him "you can't write negative things about the broncos. you should go back to new york where you came from!"

    Dan Reeves hated woody, though they had a good relationship outside of football (they would play golf together in the offseason) When Woody switched from the Rocky Mountain News to the Denver Post, Reeves called Woody to congratulate him and then said "My father has a subscription to the Post - I'm cancelling it."

    Al Davis did not like Woody. When Al was in his last days and hobbled into the stadium for a Broncos/Raiders game Woody went up to Al to wish him well with his health. Al replied, ""you're still an asshole!"

    There were other entertaining stories Woody told in his over 2 hour talk with the qb club. The qb club has in person meetings in the Denver area and occasional "members only" zoom meetings with former players and media where those living outside of Colorado (like me now) can participate. For more information visit the qb club website

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    Excellent. Thank you Titan.


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      Many thanks Titan!


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        I enjoyed Woody when he wrote for the RMNews. He was funny. He was acidic with some big names, but many grudingly respected him. He was fingernails on chalkboard with some. I also remember Leonard Kahn who was just as pessimustic. He opposed building old Mile High. Said it was too big and we'd never see 50,000 people at a sporting event in Denver. l always thought the News had a "type" of sports reporters that were pessimistic in character. That was in contrast to the Post's "bubbly" guys. Woody was a spoiler sometimes.

        Woody thought Davis was an arsehole, too.


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          • titan
            titan commented
            Editing a comment
            I think in Quinn's case he would like the Bronco job (if offered) because of his past working relationship with Paton. Also Woody suggests there are other head coaching jobs more attractive than the Broncos, however last year I remember hearing the same types of warnings about Paton (considered the top GM candidate at the time and Paton had turned down other GM jobs in the past). The ownership and quarterback questions didn't stop Paton from taking the Broncos job and I don't think it would stop Quinn either.

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          I want Callahan with Mayo as DC and Getsy as OC.


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            Originally posted by Big Cheese
            I want Callahan with Mayo as DC and Getsy as OC.
            This sounds like a sandwich.