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    2022 Orange Huddle Mock Draft

    Alright suckers, the Orange Mane may be gone, but the mock draft rocks on. I have to rewrite the guidelines because the old board got canned before I could get in and save the established rules. I may miss some shit, we’ll see. Here goes.

    1. The Mock Draft will start on Tuesday March 22 at 8:00 AM EST. This gives time for major free agents to sign and enough time for us to complete our selections before the April 28th draft. Each team will require a drafter to make selections for them. Some members that have teams of long standing (Jebures - Jets, Bowlenball - Steelers) will keep their same squads. The Broncos will have an owner who has never drafted for them before. To select your team, please list your top 3 to 5 choices and I will attempt to make sure everyone gets a team they can live with. For this year and perhaps beyond, we will do community selections for the Rams as they have given away nearly every damn selection. However, if someone really wants the Rams, they are welcome to them.

    2. We draft for all seven rounds and Bowlenball runs a nifty Undrafted Free Agent Round. All seven rounds of the regular draft are required for participation. If your attention span isn’t that long, feel free to just watch. Each drafter will receive a 12 hour window in which to draft.

    3. There will be three different draft threads to follow: The Discussion, Selection, and Trade threads. The discussion thread is just that; a place to discuss picks, banter, talk about how much Ludo’s pick sucked, etc. The Selection thread is just for your selections. Please list the time you made your selection so we know when the 12 hour clock starts. In your selection, you can list all of the players stats, 40 time, positive write ups, and a kick ass picture. After your selection, please PM the next person up to let them know that they are On The Clock. Finally, the Trade thread is where all trades can be discussed. PLEASE start trade discussions BEFORE you go OTC. Yes, you do have a 12 hour clock do with as you see fit, but the draft is more fun if picks are made quickly once you are up.

    4. Trades: We have no guarantee of who will have what team from year to year. So, no trading of future draft picks or current players on NFL rosters. You may trade draft picks in the 2022 draft AND the rights to any player previously selected in the 2022 Mock Draft. Simply announce the trade in the Trades thread and who gets what selections. Then PM Bowlenball and myself, and we will update the Main selection page. Trades cannot officially take place until we start on March 22. However, feel free to lay the groundwork for trades in order to get them approved when we kick into gear.

    5. Be ready for your selection. I know, we all have to sleep, work, watch our kids/cats doing dumb stuff, etc. We have two tools to help keep you notified and the picks coming quickly. If you feel comfortable with it, please give me your cell number in a PM. I follow the mock closely and can text when you are OTC. That is all I ever use the cell number for, unless I strike up a Broncos chat text with you; that has happened with a few mock drafters over the years. However, I never misuse the cell number or give it out to any entity. Another tool is the priority list. If you are going to be up soon, but have to go to bed or work, please PM a priority list of players you want to myself (JCMElway,) Jebures, and Bowlenball. One of us will be up and around and will post the selection for you, and that keeps the draft going. On your PM, just put ‘PRIORITY LIST Pick ##’ in the title. We will not open the list until you are OTC. Also, space the selections out so we don’t see them all on the same screen, so no sniping of your target. Anyway, we’re all honest blokes.

    6. The draft order will be posted on the first post of the Selections thread by myself or Bowlenball. When posting your selections please post them in this format:

    John Elway, QB, Stanford.

    This makes for easy copying, pasting, and formatting. To help everyone keep better track of who has been selected, there will be an alphabetical list of players selected. This will appear on the first post of the Discussion thread. Please check the alphabetical list before you select. If you take a selected player, you may re-select, but the next player will be considered to be On The Clock and may select.

    7. No name dropping, please. If a player has not been selected, please do not discuss them in the discussion thread. A drafter may be keen on a player and if their name gets dropped prematurely, that may cause them to get snapped up more quickly. This does not really apply to first rounders or other players that are widely known.

    8. We have a UDFA round that will start by April 20 at the latest. Bowlenball will post those rules, but that does give us a deadline to finish this thing. If we get to April 15th at 8 AM EST and are not finished, we will go to a six hour clock to speed things along.

    9. The dreaded pinch drafter. If someone misses a selection, the pinch drafter will select for them. Don’t know who this is yet, but usually we don’t have to use them much. If someone misses a selection in rounds 1-2, the pinch drafter will make their pick immediately. If they miss in rounds 3-5, the PD will select for them after three selections go by. Missing rounds 6-7, six selections will go by before the PD is called in. In later rounds we have a bit of latitude, but in earlier rounds we need picks in on time to keep bigger draft prospects from sliding when they shouldn’t.

    10. OK, that’s it. I will have teams/GMs soon and Bowlenball will have a draft order up a bit after that. I may update these guidelines if I have missed anything. And as always, don’t suck and try not to get butt hurt.
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    Hey JCM want me to do the scoring again this year? I still have my spreadsheet that I put way too much time into last year


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      Originally posted by PRBronco View Post
      Hey JCM want me to do the scoring again this year? I still have my spreadsheet that I put way too much time into last year
      sounds good, thanks.