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Reassessing this section of the forum.

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  • Reassessing this section of the forum.

    So, it’s a bummer waking up to the stuff that happened in here this morning. This whole thing (the Orange Huddle) is sort of a hobby for me. So far, it’s an expensive one – both in time and money. But I expected that, and am fine with it. At some point, we’ll either get some ads going, or take people up on the offers to help offset the costs. But even then, it will never be more than a break-even.

    I don’t personally like talking about politics much. I don’t come in here very often. But the two reasons for even putting this section on the site still exist. It’s something of a pressure-release valve for the main forum. And there are posters here that enjoy discussing politics and religion – people that are my friends.

    When drama occurs, like some we’ve recently had in here, this all starts to feel more like a job than a hobby. Life already has too many complications, for all of us – no one wants to deliberately take on more. So, the balance in justifying its need starts to tip.

    Talking it over with Blue (who is wiser than I), this is what we’re going to do. Later this afternoon, I will turn off this section of the board. Blue and I will then come in and clean up some of the recent unpleasantries. Late this weekend, we’ll open it back up. And then, we’ll just see how it goes. Just understand that there is no will to sustain something like what we’ve had the last week or so. I still believe that having it is doable. But it’s going to require everyone that uses it to try a little harder at civility.

    In the interim, happy new year!

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    Happy New Year to you and yours, Dom.