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    Posting in case anyone wants to play. This is my 4th year doing this one.

    The 2023 NFL Over Under Challenge has arrived and the numbers are officially set and ready to roll.

    Website --

    This is where you'll find all contest information + each team's Over/Under number + Make your preseason picks + handle all your swaps. Bookmark that shit.

    Last season we handed out over $4,000 in prizes. Shoutout to Zack Sober, who took home 1st place and a whooping $1,800 prize -- paid out in a suitcase full of 1 dollar bills.
    So hide your wife, hide your kids, and....tell your friends! Anybody and everybody is eligible to play. Forward this email around. The easiest way for this contest to grow is by word of mouth. And as always...

    More entrants = More $$$!

    So register on the website, get started on your picks, and send that money in. You have just over two weeks. The clock is ticking.

    Important Note: You can edit your picks any time before the deadline. So don't be afraid to submit your picks and come back later to change up a few of them.