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  • The NFL Reigns supreme

    Kind of a continuation of some recent discussion of franchise values....something that caught my attention....the combined values of all 32 NFL franchises is estimated to be 165 Billion dollars. That is more than the NBA, MLB, NHL, and MLS combined..(and probably you could throw in some more lesser leagues and still not reach 165 B)

    The Cowboys are worht 9 B on their own, more than any other sports franchise in the world.

    This is at a time when the leauges best team and player is in a bottom 5 (of those markets with teams) media market.

    the 2nd and 3rd best QBs are in Cincy and Buffalo. Bottom 5 media markets.

    The Cowboys haven't made a conference title game in 3 decades. The the NY Jets have sucked for decades. The NY Giants haven't done anything for a decade. The Washington Football Team has been a mess for decades. The LA Market only recently has been returned to, and the Rams won a SB there that no one cares about. The Las Vegas franchise sells tickets at high prices but that's for visiting teams fans to watch their team beat the Raiders. The Chicago Bears have sucked for decades. The Houston team has been a mess. of the major media markets, only Philly is good now and recently.

    Even with it's best teams and most marketable stars in it's smallest markets, the NFL is still trucking everyone else. You can have garbage in your large markets....decades of suck even....and it just goes on.

    Shohei Ohtani is perhaps the best baseball player we've seen since Babe Ruth was pitfching and hitting for Boston in the 20's, he plays in LA, and the national media BARELY mention that guy. The media machine talks and talks and talks and talks about the NBA...which is fine, but the ratings don't match the hype committed to it on the talk shows....and the NFL crushes them. Just incredible.

    I know it's always been said that most sports leauges want a strong presence in it's largest markets most of the time if not all the time. I think the NFL probalby used to feel that way too, but clearly, you don't need that with football.

    I'd also like to think that some of the absolutely stupid rules would hurt the sport...certainly I don't like the babying of QB's or the many bad PI penalties we see, but clearly that hasn't mattered. Does anyone see a problem that would cause this to change anytime soon? the TV execs also seem to think it will go on and on with all these big money TV deals....thoughts?

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