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So, FTR. Also, what is the "State of the AFCW?"

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  • So, FTR. Also, what is the "State of the AFCW?"

    Well, its officially Raiders week and it got me thinking about who has gotten better and worse in the division.

    After last years hoopla, its feels like the Raiders have gotten worse by letting Carr go. Not sure how the "deep threat" of Devonte Adams really works with Jimmy G. They will obviously try to run Jacobs like a rented mule, but I'm not sure that's enough to improve this team. Waller is gone. Unproven rookie pass rusher. McD gradually dismantling their talent core. Am I missing something?

    I feel like Payton has a plan to punch them in the mouth and prove a point with this first home game.

    It got me thinking about the other AFCW teams. Who do you feel has gotten better/worse? The Chargers had a massive collapse, then decided to rework their offense. Was offense really their problem? I haven't watched their 2023 Defense yet, and Herbert hasn't played.

    I watched the Chiefs live and they are who they always were. Good roster, good effort, good coaching. If you can cover 3 guys every play and get a pass rush, they're certainly beatable, but thats a big ask. If they are healthy, they are still the team to beat, but beatable. If they lose Jones for the first of the season, I could cost a couple losses.

    What say you - what is the state of our division? I say Raiders are worse, Chargers are equal to last year, and same with the Chiefs. I think our Broncos are the "most improved" and no small part of which is just great coaching.

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    Chiefs are head and shoulders above the rest. Chargers depth and talent would be next. Broncos would be third. Last would be the Raiders.


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      Broncos aren’t ready to vie with the chiefs. But the chargers will always charger, so no reason we can’t sneak into 2nd place if we can stay relatively healthy. If.


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        Chargers talent level across most all position groups is superior to Denver's. Wild Card team last year with tons of injuries and a crappy defense.

        Payton has his work cut out for him. But then again, Wal-Mart traded all those picks to acquire him, so they must have some faith his coaching prowess can overcome the clear talent deficit Denver has compared to KC and LAC.

        We will see.


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          If we put no injuries to anyone in AFC West on rosters alone 1. KC 2. LAC 3. Denver 4. Raiders


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            I think you guys have called correctly. Seems pretty straightforward how the pecking order goes.

            I would say that the cheap ass chargers, have completely screwed the pooch with their unwillingness to move on from Staley. he sucks. He's supposed to be a defensive coach. That D has been freaking terrible...and it has some good parts on it and still sucks horribly. I think their offense is going to be the best it's been since herbert got there this year as Kellen Moore is an upgrade over Joe Lombardi. The Chargers give the Chiefs fits every season. That game is always close. Seems like KC always needs last minute heroics to win those.

            I'm not out on some far limb saying the Raiders are disaster, but that franchise is BAD right now. They really need to fire McDouchebag and Davis needs very badly, to go hire a president to oversee a complete rebuild of that organization. Somone NOT affiliated with the Patriots. I don't know who that person is, but someone from the outside, who knows what a solild organization looks like and can put that together. They just look like a flloundering fish out of water with most of the stupid crap they do. That SHOULD be a showcase franchise, but it's not...not even close.

            I think the Broncos are going to improve with Payton at HC, but I don't believe the roster has all that much talent on it, and the QB isn't going to make up for it. Whatever gains are made this season will be due almost entirely competent head coaching. That can only carry a team so far. And as far as that can go would be to snag the last WC spot as the ceiling this year. I think they come up short.


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              Hard to think we improved when one has little to no faith in Wilson. But two of the other teams fell back so... Yeah we at 3rd barely behind the chuggers. But we definitely could take 2nd and get a wild card.


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                  Justin, Herbert's numbers are incredible, but he's yet to win a big game.


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                    We've yet to win a small game


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                    Originally posted by BroncoBuff
                    Justin, Herbert's numbers are incredible, but he's yet to win a big game.
                    He’s had no favors from a failed Owner and front office. Chargers are a mess every year even without injuries because of a cheap owner and poor coaching. I would say any game against the division rival chiefs are a big game. He’s won multiple games against the chiefs. We should be glad the chargers and raiders are in the division because they find ways to stink.


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                      Broncos are quite a bit behind the Chiefs, a good bit behind the Chargers, and about equal or a little better than the Raiders.


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                        Chargers are the wild card in the AFCW... they have the talent, but can they put it all together? I'm not sure how many times I've claimed this about the Chargers but I'm saying it again... as for the Broncos, I really am not sure where to put them in the ranking except to say they are below KC...


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                          1. Chiefs

                          Rest of the 3 teams are way way below them.


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                            I would like to see the 1st quarter of the season only because 3 of the teams have had major changes and the Chargers always find a way to charger out of the playoffs.

                            They are thin everywhere and the drama with Jones can't help them. This is the worst WR room they have had since perfect pat has been there. Kelce will still be their main target and they will probably morph into a run first team early until they can trust their new tackles and young WR's. This may be the 1st year Andy fully commits to the run game. They won a ton of one score games last year. I would love to see that change this year, especially early with Jones out. No reason we don't finally at least split with them this year, if not a full on sweep if Jones stays out. That said they start with the Lion's week 1 so they will probably continue to have good luck health wise and more assistance but freak accidents like Damar Hamlin to allow them to win the division.

                            Agree with the assessment on the Raiders from the OP. They may move to more of the Brady style short option route type game with Jimmy G but not sure what they do when he is out for 4 games or more. I think they take a big step back and there is no excuse for us not beating them at home in week 1. No reason they shouldn't end up with worse record in the division.

                            As long as Staley is the HC in LA the Chargers are going to suck. Herbert is a Rivers clone, he makes terrible decisions at the worst times in games. I don't know much about the changes they made to their O. They could come out and overwhelm teams with points and win in spite of Staley or they could continue down the road of bad luck with injuries and coaching.

                            As far as the Broncos I think they fight for a WC spot. I am taking the family to the Duh Bears game, fear Fields rushing for 150 yards and a couple TD's but hope the Bronco's O can do enough to steal that one on the road, those franchises always play close games and seem to split them.

                            I think the Broncos have made plenty of positive changes and should win at least 4-5 more games this year which puts them at a 9-10 win team fighting for a WC. I think WR health will be a issue all year and expect Payton to lean on the RB's and TE's in the flats, swing, Texas, type routes. They kept Burton on so I think he is going to not only clean up the trash the OL fails to leave in holes but he will be involved a lot like Howard Griffith was in 98 catching passes if not more so. This will keep everything short for Russ and he should be able to get the ball out faster and then take his shots when teams bring down the safeties instead of just being Kyle Orton chucking it up there to a guy covered.

                            I think Russ has enough to prove that every game will be a playoff game for him, take yards on the ground instead of a chunk of yards down field, throwing the ball away instead of taking a bad sack. Like I said I want to see these teams play a quarter of the season.

                            I worry about our D taking a big step back. I get that the new owners wanted to clean house so there was no stink of last years losing left but I thought firing Evero was bad. They might want the consistency of Vance for a couple years over a young name who might get a HC gig leaving at end of the year but I really dislike Vance, he gets out coached and calls terrible plays. I hate a 3-4 that does the bend but don't break shit when you have the ability to attack teams from all over the field. I hope Sanders can outplay Jewel and get on the field by midseason and I hope our 3DL can help stuff the run and keep the LB's clean. I like our secondary but if the OLB's don't get pressure they can be feasted on.

                            I have already seen a huge improvement in play design and execution in the PS, I think it will only get better as the year goes on. Russ is not a Manning or Elway, The run game has always setup his passing game and Sean knows that.

                            I think we have the best team since Manning left, just worry about Russ and Vance.

                            I think the chef's do enough to win the division but Denver gets a WC, I think Staley could be a mid season firing if they struggle in the first half of the year but I will probably be wrong yet again.