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  • QB Depth Chart

    So it looks to be...

    1. Wilson
    2. Stidham
    3. Dinucci

    I wonder how much of Wilson's leash Stidham cut off with his performance last night?
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      Originally posted by -Rod-
      LOL, I was multi-tasking with the preseason game versus the Rams on dvr (I never watch preseason live) and heard that Rypien being mentioned assumed he was taking over qb for the game, and forgot Denver had already released him. I didn't realize he was on the Rams and was quarterbacking them. I'll edit message now.


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        After basically doing nothing in the first two preseason games, Stidham finally had a good game. That said, I have no idea how he'd actually play if he was the starter during the regular season


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          It would only be temporary....


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            I like Stidham. He showed growth and understanding of the system and poise.
            he can do it in a regular game too. The choices are the same but the rushers will be faster and stronger. So it's O-line that will either allow him to shine or not.
            Hell even DeNucci was showing he could think fast and should be the 3rd.

            2 weeks my fellow die hards.
            That's all that's left until those bitch ass Raiders get the test. We better whoop them fools. Go Broncos! 🫡


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              Not try'na hate on Stidham, but both of his deep bomb completions were Int-worthy.

              BUT, nobody touched Mims after he caught his bomb, shoulda been a TD.


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                Payton seems to really like Stidham, but I doubt Wilson will have a short leash. I believe Payton's priority will be to show the league he can make Wilson play at a high level again, especially after that article throwing so many people under the bus to defend Wilson.

                DiNucci is the question mark because of the other QBs that will become available through waivers. Sometimes Payton carried 2 QBs, sometimes 3, so it's hard to predict. My guess is that 3 QBs would be ideal because of the concern that Wilson might get injured again. If there are only 2 QBs on the 53, there will likely be a 3rd on the practice squad, but there's always the risk that some other team might snatch this QB.