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Uptick in QB Rushing?

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  • Uptick in QB Rushing?

    After watching Russ run more this game, I decided to look a little at the rushing stats for QBs this preseason. What I saw was a bunch of QBs running for 10 or more attempts at a pretty good yards per attempt (5-8 yards per attempt). Then, looking at last year, 6 of the "top 10 QB rushers" were in the playoffs, including both of the Superbowl teams. I know we see a lot of backup QBs running for their lives in the preseason, but looking at last years regular season stats it feels like this trend is swinging upwards.

    It may be that these runs by Russ become part of the norm instead of the exception. It should be interesting to see how many planned runs we see from Russ going into game 1 with the Raiders.

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    Until the running QB’s start ending up like Tua and Russ at the end of last season then it’ll start trending downward there’s too much money invested in the position these days


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      What I meant to say earlier is that the top 10 rushing QBs ARE those highly paid guys. At least the majority of them. Im not saying its a direct correlation, but the majority of top offenses (and top passers) are also running the ball a lot.

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    QB runs are a great asset because the offense still collects the extra penalty yards after the defender makes contact with the sliding QB. It's stupid, but the zebras throw the flag. And if the QB does not try to break tackles like a RB, running in open space might not be worse than getting hit in the pocket when the QB is defenseless reading his progressions.


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      QB rushing is another reason RB's are less valuable. They are taking some of their carries.