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    Remove if not allowed: is there anywhere here that has tickets listed or requested for single games? My wife and I normally come out for on game a year from NC and I'm having a hard time stomaching prices on StubHub, Ticketmaster, etc... I'm looking for 4 tickets because we'd be meeting my sister in law and brother in law for the game. I'm not looking for the crazy tickets like Queefs or Jets. Possibly the Vikings or Packers. Can anyone point me in a direction of someone to talk to or somewhere to look that isnt going to cost my first born child?

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    Nowhere will be cheap this early on. If you want cheap, you have to wait until the game approaches, and count on the prices coming down, as they do 98% of the time.


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      I only have 2 south stand tickets but if we continue to suck, good tickets can be had at face value. Not so great tickets will be had at a discount.