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Colorado going back to the Big 12?

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  • Colorado going back to the Big 12?

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    I mean, it’s another garbage pile but at least they have a TV deal.


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      YBU has a travel partner if true.


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        Anyone else more excited for cu than they are for Russ and the broncos?

        bring on the big 12, the pac 12 never felt like home


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          Man, I love this. Finally getting BYU in a major conference reinvigorated me about college football. Deion at CU and all the excitement he has brought with him turned that excitement up a notch. Getting them in the same conference and playing each other regularly would feel too good to be true.

          The clincher would be if it somehow turned out to be a dagger to the Pac-12, and especially the dirty Utes. Salt Lake City needs to be in MWC country again!


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            I've heard rumors on the light rail that Utah is also under consideration for a Big-12 slot.

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            One can only hope.

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            Pretty soon the PAC-12 is going to be a 6-PAC. 🤣🤣🤣


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              Now that OU and Texas are leaving why not


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                I miss the old Big 8/big 12 days....with a strong 5/6 conference set up......and I've known for a while we will eventually end up with basically 40 or so mega teams as a 1st division but it's a big mess whitling it all down.

                This is all Nebraska's fault for leaving the big XII and what a stupid short sighted move that was.

                Not that I can prove it but when they left, for the freaking BIG....did they think they were going to be able to keep recruiting Texas, Missouri? even Kansas? Kids want to go where their family can watch them on TV if they can't stay in state. Nebraska was NEVER going to pull recruits from BIG country. They left, then MIZ and CU left...then TEXAS A and M..and now Texas and OU.

                And that led to stupid non regional conferences of stupid.

                How about that great West Virginia, TCU rivalry! or coming soon....Rutgers - UCLA ...and USC - Maryland! lots of shit talking around the office about those!

                A big part of what made college football great was the rivalries....If MU played KU...thats all anyone in KC would be talking about for a week....or if Kstate played Iowa probably worked with some dudes that had allegiances to both.....Texas VS Texas Tech...lots of water cooler talk...lots of split families. OU, Ok ST...I could go on.

                Only the SEC has this sort of thing in tact now. the BIG is just a non confederacy of the big boys accross the northern tier and California. the Big XII is strong enough to cobble together a lesser collection of decent football schools...and teh ACC, PAC 12, and whatever else is even just hung out there now. IT's stupid. I hate it.

                SO since we can't have the 5 or 6 strong conferences that made sense geographically, I wish we could just quit pretending with all this contractual TV deal, crap and just get down to brass tacks.


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                  For those of us who actually live in Colorado, game times should be more friendly.