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Why do they make clothing stretchy now?

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  • Why do they make clothing stretchy now?

    Got some what I thought were correctly fitting shorts recently - 32 Degree from Costco. Turns out they put so much lycra/spandex in 'em these days that carrying just my wallet and keys in the pockets (never mind my phone) is too much weight. They feel like they're going to fall off if I don't wear a belt. I hate wearing a belt in the summer.

    Is it because Americans are so fat that men can lie to themselves about their waist size and get away with it? "Hon, I'm wearing the same waist pants as in college! 34!"

    Yeah, right. More like 36" with room for 37", fatty.

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    Had the same problem with a couple pair of jeans I bought not too long ago. I don't mind just a little bit of stretch, i.e., just enough for the garment in question to adapt to the shape of my body, but, over time, these damn things stretched to the point where they're about two sizes too big. 😲


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      I have a handful of "stretchy" fabric outdoor and work pants. Gives a lot more flexibility and breathability. I'm not fat either.