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The Denver Broncos have a first-round pick in 2024!

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  • The Denver Broncos have a first-round pick in 2024!

    FOR NOW.

    George Paton and his scouts already spent 12 hours on Sunday prepping for what is to come. They don't want to lose their jobs.

    That's dedication. Let's ride!

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    Never too early for a 2024 Draft Thread!


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      We could turn that first round pick into anything! Maybe even a first year player with a 5th year option!


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        Well, a lot of teams consider jumping back in to the end of the first round for the fifth year option. I hope we trade out of pick 32 and acquire more picks!


        • Paladin
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          I see what you did there!!

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          Once again, either Denver

          A) doesn't draft the franchise QB when he's on the board and have the chance. Or
          B)they draft one that sucks. OR...
          C)the timing of their suck is off and they aren't lined up to pick the franchise QB.

          In this case, it's going to be C. Sean Payton isn't going 3-14 this year. And the Arizona Cardinals, who very well could go 3-14, ALSO have the Texans 1st round pick....who could also go 3-14. I'll bet right now, today...that Caleb Williams is a Cardinal in 2024.


          • cmhargrove
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            Keep the Lincoln Riley QB train coming. Its weird that the lowest prospect (Jalen Hurts) might be his best success story...

          • IndelibleScribe
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            Hurts had a lot to prove and was pissed at being slighted. Lost his job at Bama to Tua, went to OU and people doubted him, drafted by the Eagles and people doubted him.

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          The future..