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Zero's FREE nail salon tax write off 20 team auction leauge for OH

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  • Zero's FREE nail salon tax write off 20 team auction leauge for OH

    I have been running a 20 team auction league that is free of charge for a few years now. I just invite people who want to participate, call it a promotion for my salon, and offer up 500 bucks winner take all. No buy don't have to buy anything etc. ....was thinking of running run just for the group here. Same thing.

    The ONLY requirement is that you MUST participate in the live auction. No auto auction. We do it on's simple and easy.

    16 player roster. Must start:

    1 QB
    2 RB
    1 TE
    3 WR
    1 K
    1 Defense.

    1 IR slot. No trades. waivers are done by silent bid. Everyone has 100 FA dollars for the season.... That's it.

    If 19 or so of you fine people would be interested to do this, let me know...I'll set it up and we'll see if anyone can win my money (which isn't something anyone around here has done on a bet in a couple years now )

    Auction would be sometime right before regular season. It can even be done from your phone so you can pretend to be interested in whatever stupid crap your wife has you doing when it's draft time.

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    Sounds like fun buddy.


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      Originally posted by Vera Hara
      Sounds like fun buddy.
      it is. you should play.