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    putting these here for easier reference later.

    ****TRADE**** The 3 time, and current Super Bowl Champion, Kansas City Chiefs, select with the 23rd pick, acquired by trade with Req and the Minnesota Vikings......

    Calijah Kancey - DL - Pitt

    Click image for larger version  Name:	CK.jpg Views:	293 Size:	206.3 KB ID:	228619

    6' 1" 280 lbs

    Undersized, one-gapping defensive tackle who is explosive and productive. He’s a strong and determined player, but Kancey is still going to be a hit-or-miss run defender due to his lack of mass and length. While he will get pushed around at times, his first-step quickness and short memory allow him to make tackles in the backfield. He’s a nightmare for offenses as a pass rusher. His twitchy feet can slide and reset points of attack. His leverage and motor are often too much for guards to handle alone. Kancey might be most effective as a rotational run defender and full-time, sub-package rusher, but his size will not define him in the NFL.

    • Posted 14.5 sacks and 27.5 tackles for loss in two years as a full-time starter.
    • Combination of first-step burst and contact balance stands out.
    • Captures easy wins against leaning interior blockers.
    • Excellent change-of-direction quickness and reactive athleticism.
    • Terror in the pocket as a pass rusher.
    • Laser-sharp focus on fastest possible way into the pocket.
    • Slide speed to start at B-gap and finish rush in the opposite A-gap.
    • Forward-charging attack eventually finds an edge or angle to exploit.
    • Gets to quarterbacks with a top-flight closing kick.
    • Lacks prototypical size. (NOT A PROBLEM FOR KC)
    • Big guards can latch in and end the rush at times if he’s not first off the snap.
    • Lack of length shows up if he can’t get to a rush edge.
    • Ducks head into blockers, losing sight of run play development.
    • Fails to mirror lateral steps; gets reached and sealed by athletic blockers.

    RATIONALE for this PICK

    The Chiefs don't have a problem utilizing "undersized" lineman, placing a high value on versatility to move outside/inside. The Chiefs draft large ends, and often kick them inside. Kancey is an absolutely relentless, high energy penetrator who is a nightmare for most guards to handle one on one. He can also kick outside on occasion in Spags rotational scheme. Spags will bring blitzes but prefers pressure from the front 4. Kancey won't be an anchor type in the run game, but he does get up field in a hurry and zero in on ball carriers. He's a great scheme fit for the Chiefs. D lineman who can provied interior pressure are quickly becoming VERY expensive on the open market and are not easy to come by, and so even though KC has a strong need here for an offensive tackle, Kancey was too valuable to pass here when he was available at 23.

    Kancey was the top rated player left on my board here and I had him as one of the 15 top players. I also think, Kansas City, though needing an OT, can find one of quality later on, and since they rostered all 11 rookies they drafted last year, they will be looking to expend some of the draft capital they have this year.

    *** TRADE *** Having traded out of the 63rd seletion in a deal with the New Orleans Saints, With the 71st Pick in the 2023 OM Mock Draft, the 3 time, and current world champion Kansas City Chiefs select...................

    Tyler Soctt - WR - Cincinnati


    While the comparison to T.Y. Hilton might raise some eyebrows, Scott is a similar player in body type, speed and versatility. With just two seasons of starting experience at receiver, his route running and ball skills are almost certain to continue to improve and become less of an issue for him in the future. He has the speed and shiftiness to uncover on all three levels. Also, he offers jet sweep and receiver screen value. A smallish frame and lack of hand strength are likely to continue to plague him on contested catches, though. Scott is an ascending talent whose versatility and playmaking talent create an easily projectable upside as a good starting slot receiver early in his career.
    • Junior Olympic sprinter with electric top-end speed.
    • Ten of 14 career touchdowns went for 30-plus yards.
    • Very fluid and athletic in his movements.
    • Able to accelerate to top speed very quickly.
    • Drives and leverages coverage away from stem points.
    • Former high school running back with excellent run-after-catch talent.
    • Offers dynamic versatility due to his skill set.
    • Punt return potential waiting to be cultivated.
    • Keeps pedal floored while turning to track the deep ball.

    KC doesn't tend to throw rookies in at WR right away so Scott won't be under pressure to be the man while he gets adjusted. KC needs depth and Scott fits right in to what KC wants at WR....and that is speed to burn, separation skills and big YAC potential. The offense is about getting playmakers the ball in space. He fits like a glove! I like to think of this kid as diet Tyreek Hill. Has a track and RB background like reek and so many similar traits, but without the off field stuff. Scott was also the highest rated player left on my board here. I'd be thrilled with this player in round 3. I would have considered a few other guys had they fallen, but Scott was on the short list.​

    With the 122nd pick in the 2023 OM Draft, the 3 time and current WORLD CHAMPION Kansas City Chiefs select…….

    Eli Ricks - CB - Alabama


    RATIONALE for pick

    KC loves lomg CB and while this isn’t a need, the fit and value here for this player were too much to pass up. KC has plenty of picks left to address other needs. Best player left on LC board and need players weren’t ranked closely enough to justify passing Ricks here.

    A long-limbed cornerback with an impressive physical profile, Ricks is in need of more experience to sharpen his skills and recognition. He is a press-man cornerback with a relatively smooth pedal and an ability to push and punch receivers with accuracy from long distance. He’s often a step slow to find top gear when opening to run laterally or vertically, but he’s a human blanket against short and intermediate routes without much wiggle to them. Ricks needs to be more assertive against the run and could struggle on an island, but his traits and press talent should fit in the right scheme.
    • Former five-star recruit with prototypical size and length.
    • Big, possession receivers play right into his strengths.
    • Squats tight to the receiver from press.
    • Lands long jabs to pads from his backpedal.
    • Asserts his will when phasing route downfield.
    • Size and length stack contested catches in his favor.
    • Five career interceptions, including two returned for touchdowns.

    ***TRADE*** from the New York Giants. With pick 128 in the OM/OH Mock draft, the 3 time and current and future world champion Kansas City Chiefs select.........

    Carter Warren, OT, PITT



    KC has a shortage at OT and Warren fits what KC likes in an O lineman..fairly athletic...MASSIVE wingspan, high grade as pass protector and has experience and can play right and left. Got nervous I might miss out on him, so jumped up to make sure I secured this player. as it's a position of need and I really needed to come away with an OT I felt strongly about. This is that player. Happy to have this player in round 4.

    Warren possesses the size and length that teams are looking for from the tackle position. He plays too upright, which diminishes his effectiveness as a move blocker and in pass protection, but he’s capable in both areas. He can discombobulate pass rushers with well-timed, independent hands that help maximize his length with punching. He can be tardy sliding his feet into position as a run blocker and in protection, which can lead to holding and a lack of power to redirect. He’s a better pass protector than run blocker at this stage, but he could hear his name called in the middle rounds with a chance to become a swing tackle or low-end starter in the future.
    • Team captain.
    • Carries a 7-foot wingspan.
    • Attempts to center his inside hand when getting into blocks.
    • Ability to generate movement when he sustains the block.
    • Can mirror and collect inside moves.
    • Uses independent hands with well-timed strikes.
    • Adequate recovery against speed around the corner.

    With the 146th pick in the OH/OM draft, the owners of the AFC west, 3 time and current world champion Kansas City Chiefs select……

    Tank Bigsby, RB, Auburn


    KC doesn’t have a great need at RB although there is room for a dirt cheap talented back on the roster with CEH contract expiring and KC not bringing in any bets of note to replace McKinnon or Ronald Jones…..just too good a player to let pass me by here. Hadn’t expected this player to here this late and had not intended to go RB until RD 7

    Bigsby is an upright runner with a strong, angular frame. He runs with plus burst and can create yards even when the blocking is insufficient. Bigsby runs with a nice blend of elusiveness and power, and he can quickly process movements of the defense. Fumbling has been a concern in the past, and he might not be much help on third downs or special teams. His size, creativity and quickness could create an opportunity for teams to pair Bigsby with another back to form an effective tandem in a zone-scheme rushing attack.
    • NFL-ready frame.
    • Rapidly processes the defensive front.
    • Able to cut and go instantly when he sees the hole.
    • Makes sharp, lateral jump-cuts to shift his track.
    • Creative inside runner who can elude tacklers in tight spots.
    • Willing and able to keep runs flowing wide to the corner.
    • Determined short-yardage runner with plus leg drive.
    • Dismisses arm tackles with force.

    With the 166th selection in the OH/OM mock draft. The current and three time World Champion behemoth Kansas City Chiefs select…….

    Christopher Smith, S, Georgia

    best player on the board again. We don’t care about his slow 40 time, he plays fast and makes plays on the ball. KC has a need for a coverage safety and I fee like I got a starter here in round 5

    Undersized free safety with decent athletic ability and toughness to bolster roster depth. Smith has man-cover talent and range to play over the top, but he was often more effective attacking downhill on routes underneath and stopping plays. He’s willing in run support but tackling big backs could be an issue. Despite his limited size, his reliability in coverage is a big advantage against today’s offensive attacks.
    • Hard worker with a history of success.
    • Ready to rush into the alley and slow outside run.
    • Able to alter track to mirror runner’s movement in pursuit.
    • Recorded six interceptions over the last two years.
    • Finds angles to play the football in tight spaces.
    • Meets the receiver with timing and pop.
    • Jarred a high number of throws loose from wideouts.

    With the 249th selection in the OH/OM draft, the 3 time and current world champ, select, .....a choice who will probably make major contributions to another super bowl title, like KC's 7th rounders do these days.....

    Thomas Incoom, EDGE, Central Michigan


    A depth piece for Spags rotation. Fits the KC mold fairly well in terms of size and being expected to set and edge as well as rush the passer. BPA on my board this late. Dude was defensive player of the week at the Senior Bowl too.

    A one-year starter at Central Michigan, Incoom lined up as an edge rusher in defensive coordinator Robb Akey’s 4-2-5 base. A high school tight end who was new to football, he moved to pass rusher at Valdosta State and blossomed after transferring to Central Michigan, finishing as one of only four FBS players with at least 11.0 sacks and 18.0 tackles for loss in 2022. Despite seeing a lot of chips and extra attention, Incoom wins with the initial movements to get going quickly, attacking with a balanced blend of quickness, power and effort. However, he isn’t overly creative and tends to rely more on his motor than instincts to break down blockers and get home. Overall, Incoom isn’t known for his crafty counter measures, but he has the upfield athleticism and edge-setting presence to provide an NFL team value as both a pass rusher and run defender. His game is reminiscent of Dorance Armstrong, a useful edge rusher in an NFL rotation.​

    nd with their final pick in this draft, the Chiefs, about to embark on yet another championship season, welcomes one last player to the current and 3 time Champions by selecting.....

    Earl Bostic Jr, OT, Kansas


    Initially recruited as a TE, Bostic is athletic, and has the skill set to mirror speed rushers and get moving on screens, traps and pulls. Also can serve as a pass catching threat on goal to go situations from in close. Not a mistake to post this picture of him cathcing a TD VS Texas here. Needs to add some more NFL weight and improve technique, but if you are going to work with a project...he's got a great set of traits to try and mold into an NFL caliber OT. I ahve a few other players on the board that rank higher, but I wanted to grab another OT piece to throw in the mix on the line and he's a kid from one of the local colleges. Legit shot to stick on an NFL roster....might as well be the Chiefs.

    SUMMARY: A three-year starter at Kansas, Bostick lined up at left tackle in offensive coordinator Andy Kotelnicki’s multiple scheme. Playing for eight different position coaches in his six seasons in Lawrence, he made the full-time move from tight end to offensive tackle in 2019, and his return in 2022 helped Kansas to its first bowl game in 14 years. Bostick is long and athletic with the movement skills to answer speed in his pass sets or show off his range in the run game. However, his shaky anchor, false steps and unpolished technique lead to negative reps. Overall, Bostick moves with the slide quickness and athletic body control expected of a former tight end, but his play strength and timing aren’t currently on an NFL level, especially in the run game. He has the developmental tools that will give an NFL team optimism.​

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