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CA cannabis industry collapsing

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  • CA cannabis industry collapsing

    Who knew this would happen…..oh ya. Me! Illegal selling/growing/distributing/etc >>>>>>> legal heavily tax and regulated companies.

    it’s safe to say the black market was always going to take most the business away from people doing it through the state law hoops….the amount of democrat hold they have on these companies are choking them right out.

    out here in Big Sur it’s endless illegal grows up and down the coast. Has been forever, but now ballooned to many. One cause the Big Sur fire last year. Some of them send the finished product across state lines and it’s all profits no tax no fees no regulation. A simple business license costs massive coin.

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    And .... about 20 states legalized it since California did.

    Kinda like Hemet California in the early 90s ... wall-to-wall fast food restaurants. 'SUPPLY and DEMAND' is a real thing, Carmel.