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    It seems biologists are finding more and more examples of viruses changing the desires and actions of their host organism, such as insects and even mammals. Here is one that appears to turn infected humans and other mammals into risk takers.

    A parasite infection can make a leader of the pack—or a dead wolf.

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    New room temperature superconductor?
    It’s big, if true: transmitting electricity with no resistance at room temperature and moderate pressure. But controversy dogs the team making the claim.

    On September 26, 2022, Nature retracted the study described in this article after other researchers raised concerns regarding how the data were processed and analyzed. “We have now established that some key data processing steps … used a non-standard, user-defined procedure,” write the editors at Nature. “The details of the procedure were not specified in the paper and the validity of the background subtraction has subsequently been called into question.” The authors of the original paper disagree with the retraction and maintain that the raw data still support their claim of room-temperature superconductivity.


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      Hypersonic sled travels at 6,599 mph (Mach 8.6) at Holloman Air Force Base