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  • Greg Penner should browse this site

    Take decisions as we know better than FO.

    Fire Hackett - was told after first game
    Don't sign Gregory - Won't play full games.. very risky
    don't trust gordon - fumbler
    Stupid to trust Hamler -> trade for a speedy receiver

    Next steps - > Fire Paton(if not, just ask him to order pizzas)
    Hire Harbaugh at any cost. If not Payton.
    Last option should be Frank Reich.

    Don't hire first time HC's or Dan Quinn.

    Thank you

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    -He can learn how to throat punch from Spider
    -Have the inside scoop relayed from King Soopers and the light rail
    -Learn the side effects of Ambien and prevent him from shitting in the basement


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      Also he should pay his Chinese child slaves a little bit more because some of the shit I’m buying has really dipped below the normal child slave standard