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OFFSEASON MODE - mercifully!

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  • OFFSEASON MODE - mercifully!

    So, we have endured - 5-12. What a lesson in misery.

    Let's shift this place to offseason mode. That means non-football topics (within reason) are tolerated (and perhaps even encouraged) in the main forum. Please note that this absolutely does not apply to topics that involve politics and/or religion. The same zero-tolerance policy that exists during the season applies to all Politics & Religion topics and posts.

    Offseason topics used to be much more entertaining on the Mane than they eventually became. I'm not sure why that is; but I would love for it to sort of devolve back to that. Some of the most memorable experiences many of us had there came as a result of off-topic subjects.

    While I absolutely look forward to the day when we switch this back again, I think we have all earned some time to lick our proverbial wounds from the last five months. It was bad. It was really, really bad.

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    I'm going to do my best to come up with great threads that make this community stronger.

    I have answered the call as founding member of the Lords of the Orange Huddle.

    It would be errant for me to not be the first to ride into off-season battle.


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      Get started right after that hairy white guy gets done riding you.

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    Lord help us.