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30 rush attempts equals a win!

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  • 30 rush attempts equals a win!

    There was a certain poster on the old board that used to die on that hill repeatedly.

    Last week Cowboys lost with 40 plus attempts. Yesterday Falcons, Browns, Seahawks, Titans, Washington all lost with 30 carries. There may have been more teams to lose yesterday with 30 carries too. If the Eagles or the Bears would have ran the ball 1 MORE TIME to get to 30 they may have won!

    QB doesn't matter it is all about rush ATTEMPTS! 😆

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    Nice try bud.

    It’s 40 yard dash times, we’ve been over this ad nauseum.

    (sub 5.0 40 / Rush attempts) / QB Salary * Tallest WR height ‰ RAS score ≈ win total

    Its like some of you just aren’t reading the threads…


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      Nah, it’s the QB height. If the Broncos could only draft a 7 foot tall QB, they’d be in the hunt for a trophy every year!


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        Is he still around?

        Click image for larger version

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          The Chef is cooking up a Broncos victory today (among other delights). Merry Christmas gang!


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            It's a chicken-or-the-egg kind of thing. Teams tend try to rush more more when they are in control of the game. An effective running game creates a more efficient Offense. Teams tend to abandon the run when they need points. A poor running game allows the opposing Defense to use more assets to stop the pass so it makes their Defense more effective. There is no magic number. The cake is a lie.