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Mile High Morning: Where the Broncos' offense will aim to improve down the stretch in 2022

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  • Mile High Morning: Where the Broncos' offense will aim to improve down the stretch in 2022

    When the Broncos begin the final nine-game stretch of their 2022 season, they'll look to capitalize off the momentum of a Week 9 win.

    The win over Jacksonville was a sign of resilience — the team climbed out of a pair of deficits to snap a four-game skid — and it may have suggested future success for the Broncos' offense.

    After entering the game with the league's least-efficient red-zone offense, the Broncos scored touchdowns on all three of their trips inside the 20-yard line.

    If the Broncos hope to rebound from their 3-5 record to make a playoff surge, they'll need to continue to make strides in the red zone and also find a way to be better on third down. In the win, the Broncos were just 2-of-11 in third-down opportunities.

    "Third down and red zone are things that we have to continually get better at," Head Coach Nathaniel Hackett said Tuesday. "That's been [two] of our Achilles heels up to this point."

    The Broncos will also aim to limit their number of three-and-outs, which stall offensive momentum and put pressure on the defense. Hackett has spoken several times about the feast-or-famine nature of the Broncos' offense, and the three-and-outs speak to the lesser alternative in Denver's production.

    When Denver has found a way to kick-start a drive, though, the team has found success. And that's led Hackett to create a simple goal for his offense on each series.

    "It starts with getting in that rhythm and getting that first, first down," Hackett said. "For us, that's critical because once we get that first, first down, we've done some good stuff. That's kind of our goal moving forward. Let's just get that first, first down and see what happens from there."

    When the Broncos are able to do that, then the offense looks as it was designed.​

    "Whenever you're moving the ball, you're getting some people open and [you're] getting some explosive plays, that's what you always want it to look like," Hackett said.

    As the Broncos enter the second half of the 2022 season, they'll aim to see more of their ideal offense.​

    Hackett and the Broncos' offense must continue to improve to reach their desired level, and they could be poised to do just that. Hackett said it's actually easier to make corrections after a win rather than a loss — which may run counter what most would expect.

    "When you get up there, you want to point out the good because there was some good that allowed us to win the game," Hackett said. "Everybody feels great after a win, and I think that gives an opportunity for us to point out the details on how we could have done even better. We could have done so many other things. We left a lot of yards out there. We didn't convert on some of those third downs, like I talked about before. I think it just makes it so the guys are enjoying their corrections instead of being down a lot of the time because everybody hates to lose. We're in this to win. When you do win, you can be even more critical on some of those little details and make sure that you're correct in every single thing. We do that with the losses, too — just [in] a different format. You can always coach them a lot harder when it's a win because everybody's feeling good and it's acceptable to listen a little clearer."

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    WoW what a saga of gibberish, how about just getting to the point!

    This is a stubborn ass league and they aren’t going to improve anywhere, nor are they going to go with what sparked their offense against Jacksonville. They are going to roll out with the same kind of crap they’ve rolled out with all season long.

    Yes, they changed the offense in the second half against the jags game but don’t expect that to happen to start any of these next games. It’ll be the same circus shot gun in the red zone crap we’ve seen all season and why because Hackett and Wilson are stubborn and nothing is going to change they’re not even a dream you had about the offense last night.
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      Yikes. He babies the players when they lose. Not a good look.


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        Hackett talks a lot.. no wonder, Patton hired him..


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          Does Hackett drink red bulls while eating coffee beans or something?


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            Hackett sucks. We will have a new head coach next season.


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              Our coach does not even know how to utilize Albert O. He preferred Beck and Saubert.


              • Old Coyote
                Old Coyote commented
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                Beck made an amazing one hander.
                And he's the FB.
                Saubert can catch and block too.

                And we have Dulcich.

                Maybe Albert O just got beat by Dulcich...
                And the other two positions require blocking.

              • listopencil
                listopencil commented
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                I thought Saubert played better than Al O and Fant. I was really glad to see him back. Dulcich looks better than either of those guys as well. Beck doesn't play the same position.

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              stop with the penalties first and foremost most

              they put u behind the chains

              offense will look a lot better without 10+ penalties per game


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                  They better be aiming to get better at all phases unless they're just dumbasses