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What is Land Clark's Ref Crew doing in the NFL?

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  • What is Land Clark's Ref Crew doing in the NFL?

    Critical plays on 3rd down and once again Land Clark's Referee crew is in lala land. These four plays were all converted for first downs IN THE FIRST HALF...while the Raiders were blatantly holding. The Raiders were #2 in 2021 for holding calls and this crew just ignored it all game long. But, when the Raiders needed a holding call, they definitely got it in the 3rd quarter.

    The last pic-4 is RG5 (just above Carr) getting horse collared to the ground on a would-be sack...results in Carr's 20-yard scamper. He was pulled to the ground from behind with his hand waving in the air, "Hey Dumazz, can't you see this???" This set up a last-second FG before the end of the half (16-19 Raiders).

    This crew was absolutely terrible and obviously assigned a non-primetime game bc they are trash. Get these two out of the NFL.

    2022 Crew
    • R: Land Clark
    • U: Paul King
    • DJ: Tom Stephan
    • LJ: Brian Bolinger
    • FJ: Michael Banks
    • SJ: Dominique Pender
    • BJ: Greg Meyer
    • RO: Randy Campbell
    • RA: Desiree Abrams
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    Raiders were holding Gregory all day until he got injured (he was held on his play too.)


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      His name is Land?


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        Originally posted by Aztec Bronco
        His name is Land?
        Yes, he's the building inspector for the City of Albuquerque...some of that haunting Lobo Trash.


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          Yeah they didn't call holding all night on LV But one must beat the other team and the refs. That's always how it worked.
          can't win if we fumble away TDs though.