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Great interview from Peter King with Jerry Rosburg

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  • Great interview from Peter King with Jerry Rosburg

    As we all reel from our win yesterday, one of the best things was how totally normal the clock management and lack of penalties was. I'm not talking about the struggles on offense, I am talking about the coaching administration and decision making. Here's an interview with Jerry about his reasoning when Hackett asked for his opinion.

    Decision two: Down five, playing poorly on offense, should Denver go for fourth-and-a-foot, or punt? “Punt,” Rosburg advised, and Hackett agreed. The Broncos defense was playing too well to risk failing at fourth-and-short and thus the team punted. When they got the ball back, Wilson drove Denver 80 yards for the go-ahead touchdown. All’s well that ends well, at least on this night.
    Kudos to Hackett for hiring and then listening to Rosburg.

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    Yep, it was noticeable. My 11 year old grandson said he heard that this year was the most penalties Denver had ever gotten in single games. At the end he said he didn't think Denver was that bad with penalties. I think it has benefitted Wilson the most and hopefully it continues. Kudos can be given to Hackett for admitting the problem, hiring, and most of all listening.


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      It doesn’t matter what the outside noise thinks about the perception of a new coach asking for help. The team can respect a coach who holds himself accountable, and admits he doesn’t have all the answers. The team saw that the move paid dividends immediately, so they responded in kind.


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        I asked Hackett if it all felt embarrassing.

        “No,” he said firmly over the phone from the stadium. “For me, I felt empowered that I was able to make a decision. Hey, let’s fix it. I’m the leader of the team. Let’s do it.

        “This was the first time, the past two games, that I felt I was hurting my team. Did I have enough info? I don’t know. But I knew the setup wasn’t right. I needed help to make the tough decision.”


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          With 20/20 hindsight, it was a good decision. It obviously paid off.


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            Originally posted by listopencil View Post
            With 20/20 hindsight, it was a good decision. It obviously paid off.
            Agree. It seems like the game management for the Broncos improved versus SF.


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              The issue was the timing, not the hiring. Most rookie HC's hire the consultant early on before the season so that they can get acclimated. He hired him after the season started so it looks foolish.
              Glad he was more concerned with getting it right.