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OT - Help Setting up a Non-Profit

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  • OT - Help Setting up a Non-Profit

    In the past many of us with pressing life questions and challenges like moving to Myrtle Beach with a gold digger, etc., have turned to our old board for sage advice.

    My question is has anyone here ever set up a Non-profit organization and filed for a W9 and a 501.c3 in order to fundraise?

    Over the summer I was instrumental in setting up a Concert Band for our town, pun intended. We managed to get enough players to put on one concert outside using music available on the internet’s tubing and our own arrangements but we will need to purchase music among a ton of other things. Not wanting to pay for everything myself we will need to fundraise which means we need to provide W9 and or proof of 501.c3 status.

    I have heard of Googles but I get distracted by all the pron.

    Was hoping someone here has been through this before and can provide helpful human insight to help guide me on my journey. BTW the concert turned out great. We had 2 young music education students who took turns conducting which is something you only get better at by doing a lot of! I ended up being pressed into service at bass drum, it’s funny everyone thinks you can play the bass drum and it turns out after 3 practices you can!

    Many thanks in advance.

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