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Hackett is weak and dumb..he panicked. He is already done in Denver.

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  • Hackett is weak and dumb..he panicked. He is already done in Denver.

    Disrespectful pre season, no dress rehearsal before going live in Seattle.

    Completely dis-organized, completely confused. Blown coverages, blown calls, blown game.

    Awful personnel choices. Terrible special teams. Punt should have been blocked. Return game non existent.

    Penalties galore…12 for a free football field. No discipline, no respect for this happy go lucky coach soft coach.

    Hackett coaches scared, he has no instinct. No Gravitas…

    This poor man child literally lost his mind on national tv. Russ should have refused to come off the field…

    The worst part? His players know better than anyone else what an imbecile they have in charge…They will never forget this night in Seattle when he shit his pants.

    Asked if he was ready for his first game, hackett said no worries, really wasn’t his first game. He has done this before.

    Welcome to the NFL Mr. Energy super smart positive energy blah blah bla…He proved himself a Coward, he proved himself incompetent to lead men, to dictate battle.

    Hackett is weak, terrified, his instincts are to over think. Over analyze…

    Javonte Williams gets two carries in the 2nd half?

    Hackett can’t get plays in on time. Can’t use proper formations in the red zone. No silent count/cadence used in game or practice.

    The worst end game management ever in the history of Monday night football. No idea what to do with timeouts, probabilities…

    Hackett can’t even understand that he doesn’t have enough timeouts at the end after the missed kick to get the ball back. Ref literally telling him he is ****ed.

    Trash postgame optics, literally in self denial. Having manic episodes in public…

    know this…

    This team will barely miss the playoffs due to this Abortion.
    He has lost his team Already, he is on borrowed time.
    He proved himself a play caller tonight, no different than Fangio.

    George Paton hired the wrong guy. The guy everybody liked, until tonight….

    Hackett was exposed on National TV in front of the entire world.

    Since 1991 nfl kicker’s are 2 for 35 from 63 plus

    Russ Wilson is given to him, he doesn’t trust him to get 5 yards on his magic play sheet.

    If he calls timeout after 3rd down, there would be 52 seconds, 4th and 5. With two timeouts remaining…

    Dont get it, at least you go out on your shield for your team with coins over your eyes.

    Instead, Our offensive guru with super intelligence chooses a 64 yard field goal, in a stadium with the longest field goal ever made at 56 yards….

    He literally chose death, a cowardly choice, over his own expertise and his 250 million dollar qb…

    he literally killed his own team.

    Hackett is a H A. C K.

    his head coaching career is over before it even had begun…

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    Fanboys and homers think it’s just one game.

    Little do they know what really happened tonight.


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        Weak and dumb
        is the op talking about himself


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          “Little do they know what really happened tonight.”



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            team is a terrible combo of soft and idiotic.


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              Instead we have homers talking like this…

              Originally posted by Gordon Gekko View Post

              Fortunately this happened in game one, and a lot of things are correctable. Had this happened in the playoffs, it would be extremely troubling and a heavy burden to carry into the offseason. As we see with Dallas, the loser/choke stench is hard to get off.

              I don’t think this team or staff was prepared for the circus/bright lights tonight. Pete has been through games like this a million times, had his guys ready to go from the jump.

              Review the tape, correct what you can and turn the page to Houston. It’s a must win game already with this division set up the way it is.


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                Nathaniel Hackett stole that moment from him’: Ryan Clark attacks Broncos HC for drawing Wilson


                I’m not paying $256 million to kick a 64-yard field goal in fourth and fifth place with a minute left,” he told Scott van Pelt after Monday Night Football on ESPN.

                “You go out and get Russell Wilson for the first reason because you ultimately expect to win a championship.

                “But you get him for those moments, you get him to be in Seattle – which is where you just got him from – with an opportunity to show you in fourth place why he thinks he’s one of the best in the world .

                “If you are Nathaniel Hackett, you must give Russell Wilson this chance.

                ​Imagine going back to the locker room in Seattle after Russell Wilson got you 4th and 5th, and then putting you in the field goal position to win the game if you don’t play well .

                “I think that was the moment when the boys had to go into the dressing room and say, ‘Oh, we have one.

                “It’s not Teddy anymore, it’s not Drew anymore, we’ve got a guy who can take us to the promised land.”

                Nathaniel Hackett stole that moment from him.”


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                        Paton picked Hackett over this guy…


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                          Hackett chose suicide…


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                            Originally posted by wolf754life View Post
                            Paton picked Hackett over this guy…

                            <blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Hackett vs Daboll<br><br>one let 40 seconds tick away, took his $242,000,000 QB off the field &amp; missed a 64-yd FG to start his career 0-1<br><br>the other could have settled for a XP to tie a game but instead went for two, converted, saw the OTHER kicker miss a FG &amp; started his career 1-0 <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Warren Sharp (@SharpFootball) <a href="">September 13, 2022</a></blockquote> <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>
                            Big deal
                            fangio did the same thing vs bears in 2019

                            didnt mean anything in long run


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                                Originally posted by wolf754life View Post
                                Instead we have homers talking like this…

                                Better than the diarrhea you posted.


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                                    Nathaniel Hackett’s ‘shocking’ Broncos field goal decision wasn’t greeted kindly

                                    Lol New York post headline!


                                    I was surprised by it,” color analyst Troy Aikman said on ESPN after the game. “We [Joe Buck and I] were surprised by it. We were caught off guard by the time out. Like everybody, we couldn’t quite understand why they were letting so much time come off the clock. They went with McManus and that was the decision Hackett made. He trusted McManus’ leg more than he trusted Russell Wilson to be able to convert there on fourth down. That will be heavily dissected as we move through the week and it won’t sit well with Russell Wilson.”


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                                      It was shocking, once we came out of that little moment on camera to look down and there’s McManus,” Buck said. “They didn’t have to try this desperate field goal. And this is why you make a deal to get Russell Wilson in my estimation. …. This is a weird ending to this game to game say the least.”


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                                              lol worse than urban myer


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                                                Surrounded by support personnel… lol


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                                                  Hall of farmers melting down on live tv… Peyton Manning And Shannon Sharpe Were Melting Down Watching The Broncos Waste Time On 4th Down ​full clip.