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SEASON MODE! Main forum is (generally) for Broncos and NFL-related topics only,

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  • SEASON MODE! Main forum is (generally) for Broncos and NFL-related topics only,

    This is the best post to make every year. Because it means WE'RE FINALLY THERE! The long offseason is over. It's time for weekends that are filled with football!

    Rules on this will be somewhat like what we've done in the past. Anything Broncos or NFL-related is, of course, fine in the main forum. Outside of that, I think we'll probably be slightly looser than we've been in the past - just don't get carried away. We've usually allowed a thread for stuff like college football. And it's okay to have a thread devoted to other professional sports leagues - especially when there is a Denver team participating. We usually at least temporarily allowed threads for major news stories and events (including deaths). We will eventually move them to the appropriate sub-forum, once they are out of the daily news cycle. And we'll allow threads about significant events in the lives of posters here (where they choose to share them) - stuff like health issues, deaths (God forbid), etc. When starting a thread like this, it can be helpful to mark it in the thread title as being off-topic. (e.g. OT: Study shows large portions of the Kansas City metropolitan area drive Camaros and listen to Nickleback!")

    Beyond that, if you think that it's justifiable to have a thread about a topic here on the main forum, just drop a PM to one of the moderators with your reasoning. Otherwise, let's talk about greatest franchise in the greatest sport in the world.

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      Can’t wait to kick some Seachicken ass!

      Let’s go Broncos! πŸ†πŸ‘ˆπŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜Ž