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Max Fried got Spiked, then He got Mad.

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  • Max Fried got Spiked, then He got Mad.

    A lot of ink is going to be spilled in the next few days regarding how the worse team in the playoffs not only won the entire tournament, but frankly did it without even breaking that much of a sweat. But, I want to talk about one of the unsung heroes (well until game 6 anyway) of the Braves playoff run in Max Fried. I still maintain that Fried grinding through 4+ inning of Game 2 of the world series and allowing Snikter to preserve The Night Crew (one of the coolest nicknames for the top of your bullpen in the last 20 years) was huge for Atlanta in this series. But, you look at his performance, in that game and he was largely the victim of just bad luck on batted balls.

    In game six, in the first inning, it looked like he may have been reliving those death by a 1,000 papercuts all over again. He started the bottom of the first by surrendering an infield single to Jose Altuve. Then against Michael Brantley he again induced weak contact on a squibbler to Freddie Freeman. Fried couldn't quite cover first base in time and ended up getting his ankle spiked by a hard charging Brantley for his efforts. The replays looked bad. Fried was given a moment to walk it off and throw some test pitches from the mound.

    He was right back in the same situation that led to his undoing in the second inning of game 2. But, something happened. You could see it in his face. Fried got pissed, he got ****ing pissed. He was so goddamned mad that he retired Carlos Correa on a back foot slide so nasty Fox should have censored the pitch. He followed this up by inducing a ground out to Yordan Alvarez and then dispatching Yuli Gurriel via strikeout on three pitches, the third of which topped 98mph, his season best.

    He wasn't done. He attacked the Astros with ruthless efficiency, retiring their hitters with 8 pitches in the second inning, 9 pitches in the 3rd inning, and 8 pitches again in the 4th. He was lifted after 6 innings, no walks, 4 hits, and 6 strikeouts on only 74 pitches.

    So yeah, want to make a call out to my boy for one of the all time great finding another gear while pissed performances.