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Imo the way the Star Wars sequels should have been done.

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  • Imo the way the Star Wars sequels should have been done.

    Might as well talk about it. I'm bored, so....

    First of all the manner that the original Star Wars fans were a bit insulted was rather...insulting. forget about the SJW stuff being beat over our heads constanty, but its something else.

    We left The Return of the Jedi in 1983 at 13 for many of us, pleased with the fact that the evil Empire was destroyed. A second death Star destroyed. The evil emperor destroyed. Darth Vader turned good and destroyed to allow Anakin to come back. All pleased and for 35 years we sort of assumed Lea would become a Jedi. That Luke would establish a new Jedi temple and would and they would search the galaxy for new recruits to enter the Jedi order and peace would be established as a result of everything we were led to believe they accomplished.


    All of that time a Jedi temple wasn't really established. Lea for some odd reason never became a Jedi. Destroying two death stars, the emperor and Darth Vader didn't mean a thing since the Empire (first order or whatever they called it) was still chasing around the rag-tag rebellion the galaxy with their huge imperial cruisers. They build an even bigger more hideous death Star by converting a moon or whatever into one. The accomplishments from the first three did NOTHING.

    NOTHING AT ALL. That was rather insulting and quite disrespectful for the creators to do that imo. Makes no sense and makes the first three not worth watching at all. I mean I don't cause I'm 53, but refused to watch them with my grandkids since they mean NOTHING.

    OK enough of that. I post this message and state how I think it should have been done that wouldn't have insulted the original fans and how they could have made a clean break from the old characters and create all sorts of new ones seamlessly.

    I'll do it later...going to work. 😆

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    I've never watched SW1 or SW2. Skipped SW8 and SW9 too. Hamill had it right - the original trilogy was magical; the rest are just greed.

    I don't do business with Disney.


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      Ok, here is how it should have been done. Could've made a new trilogy without insulting all of Gen X'ers. Would have been or could have been seemless and good.

      Start the new trilogy like 500 years into the future after the Return of The Jedi. In the first movie of the new trilogy show how Luke and Lea established a new jedi temple. Show how what was done was for a real peace. That would honor the Gen x fans and actually make a point.

      Then, all of a sudden a new darkness starts and it could have went from there. Introduce new characters. Make a total break from the old and Introduce new characters while also keeping the same theme of the force the same. Good vs bad. Jedi vs siths.

      Would have been great, but they allowed some feminist tart idiot to decide the themes and the goal was to shoehorn sjw crap as directed by Disney shit who's decision makers are all dancing on the stings of their Chinese overlords.


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        There was an initial script before Disney bought the rights and destroyed the canon that was going to have the Force resistant Yuuzhan Vong invade. The premise was that the emperor knew they were coming and actually started the empire to fight them. Old enemies have to team up to fight the new baddies.