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    3 episodes in and I'm liking it very much. Captures the spirit of TOS but with better acting and interesting stories. I haven't watched any of the later TV shows - I'm pretty much a TOS and TNG guy, tried DS9 and didn't like it much; never watched Voyager, Enterprise, Discovery, Lower Decks, Picard. I get that these versions of the characters were introduced on Discovery, but I've figured out what's going on pretty quickly.

    I must say Ethan Peck does Spock incredibly well. Dude nails the early Spock - think "Charlie X". Also Celia Rose Gooding as Uhura - I love her youthful energy - she's exploring this universe with us, in some sense. And Rebecca Romijn is very good at Number One, and Mount as Pike is really good too.

    8 or 9 out 10, so far.
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    You can't beat Q. Period.


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      Love this show. It reproduces the innocent spirit of the original.


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        The first five episodes were excellent. Then it got a little silly with three of the last five. It would be like the TOS running “Trouble with Tribbles”, “I, Mudd” and “Piece of the Action” in a row. Given there’s only 10 episodes in a season. 30% being comic puff pieces is too much.

        I think the Spock/T’Pring relationship has been mind enough for a while. I also don’t think they needed to bring Kirk in. The Trek universe is huge so they don’t need to use characters we’ve seen. Likewise with the Gorn - they could have come up with a different species entirely.


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          Too many silly episodes. I've given up on SNW. The crossover with the IP-exploiting cash-grab "Lower Decks" was the last straw.

          One thing Trek isn't supposed to be is full-on dumb.