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CA reaching 6 dollars a gallon for gas

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  • CA reaching 6 dollars a gallon for gas

    Good thing democrats tax the shit out of gas in CA….also great idea cutting US production and future US independency for their own oil.

    this is what happens when you let the Middle East dictate your oil supply…..rely on the world for fuels instead of being independent with the mass availability we have.

    gas prices expensive under Obama

    gas prices cheap under Trump

    gas prices expensive under Biden

    resident leftists can see the truth but the rest of the country just moving more to the right each time they fill up…..

    electric cars are WAY too expensive for the common commuter. The technology isn’t there yet. Even if you have one you’re not allowed to plug it in certain times of the day cause CA power can’t handle basic demands that other states can(cause solar sucks).

    More harm comes from a lithium battery than an evil plastic straw.….

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    Biden admin thinks massively high gas prices(in usually cheap winter time) is hilarious…constantly blaming OPEC.

    Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm on Friday laughed at a question about boosting America's domestic oil production, calling it "hilarious."

    yet this is the real reason :

    President Biden has overhauled America's approach to its oil industry.

    In June, Biden suspended oil drilling leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the latest move in a series of sweeping policy changes to how the U.S. approaches the oil industry.

    Since taking office, Biden has signed a series of broad executive orders related to the environment, including pausing new federal oil leases, rejoining the Paris climate agreement, eliminating subsidies for the fossil fuel industry, revoking permits for the Keystone XL Pipeline and converting the government's fleet of vehicles to electric power.

    2016-2020 energy independent and didn’t rely on a “cartel” as Biden admin puts it. 2021 Biden destroys any signs of domestic energy avenues….refuses to increase domestic production.