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    This is sad and horrifying. The El Faro, a cargo ship that sailed into a category 4 hurricane and sank. The captain noted, “Oh look at that red sky over there. Red in the morning sailors take warning.”

    Disastrous Indifference: The Loss of SS El Faro

    Transcript of the last ten minutes aboard El Faro

    Second mate, yelling: Alright I got containers in the water!

    Captain: Alright.

    Captain: Alright, let’s go ahead and ring it – ring the Abandon Ship.

    (The sounds of a high-frequency bell ringing in seven pulse tones.)

    Captain, in a raised voice: Tell ‘em we’re goin’ in!

    Second mate: Can I get my vest?

    Captain: Yup. Bring mine up too and bring one for (Able Seaman 1).

    Able Seaman 1: I need ‘em too.

    Able Seaman 1, yelling: Please!

    Captain: Okay, buddy, relax. Go ‘head, second mate.

    Captain: Bow is down. Bow is down.

    Unknown: I got lanterns.

    Captain: I got nothing.

    Captain: Do you think you can make it?

    Unknown: Yeah.

    Unknown: Sure, go ‘head.

    Able Seaman 1: Gotta get my wallet and medicine and stuff.

    Captain: Alright chief mate, chief mate.

    Captain: Go ‘head (Able Seaman 1).

    Unknown, yelling: Go ‘head, cap’n.

    Captain, yelling: Yeah—yeah—yeah—get into your, get into your rafts! … Throw all your rafts into the water!

    Unknown: Throw the rafts in the water. Roger.

    Captain, yelling: Everybody — everybody get off! Get off the ship! Stay together!

    Able Seaman 1: Cap. … Cap … Cap.

    Captain: What?

    Captain: Come on, (Able Seaman 1). Gotta move. We gotta move. You gotta get up. You gotta snap out of it — and we gotta get out.

    Able Seaman 1: Okay.

    Captain: Come up.

    Able Seaman 1: Okay.

    Able Seaman 1: Help me.

    Captain: You gotta get to safety (Able Seaman 1). (Yelling) Ya gotta get to safety (Able Seaman 1)!

    Unknown, yelling: Cap! Captain!

    Captain: What?

    Unknown: Ya alright?

    Captain: Yep.

    (Sound of power phone ringing)

    (Loud, electronic pulsing alarm repeats twice per second.)

    Unknown, yelling: Whooo!

    Unknown, yelling: Yeah! Captain!

    Unknown, yelling: Captain!

    Able Seaman 1: What do you think?

    Able Seaman 1, yelling: Help me!

    Captain: (Able Seaman 1)?

    Captain: Don’t panic. Don’t panic. Work your way up here.

    Able Seaman 1, yelling: I can’t!

    Captain: (Able Seaman 1.)

    Able Seaman 1, yelling: Help me!

    Captain: You’re okay. Come on.

    Captain, yelling: Don’t freeze up, (Able Seaman 1)! Come on.

    Unknown: Cap.

    Unknown: Are you?

    Captain, yelling: Where are the life preservers on here?

    Captain, yelling: Hey! Don’t panic!

    Captain, yelling: Where are the life preservers on the bridge?

    Captain, yelling: Yeah, go ahead and grab one!

    Unknown: (Unintelligible) me.

    Able Seaman 1, yelling: I can’t!

    Captain, loudly: Yes you can!

    Able Seaman 1, yelling: My feet are slipping!

    Able Seaman 1, yelling: Goin’ down!

    Captain, loudly: You’re not goin’ down! Come on!

    Able Seaman 1, yelling: I need a ladder!

    Captain, loudly: We don’t have a ladder, (Able Seaman 1)!

    Able Seaman 1, loudly: A line!

    Captain, loudly: I don’t have a line, (Able Seaman 1)!

    Able Seaman 1: You gunna leave me.

    Captain, loudly: I’m not leavin’ you! Let’s go!

    Able Seaman 1: (Screaming)

    Able Seaman 1, yelling: I need someone to help me! (You gunna) help me?

    Captain: I’m the only one here, (Able Seaman 1).

    Able Seaman 1, yelling: I can’t! I can’t! I’m a goner!

    Captain, yelling: No you’re not!

    Able Seaman 1, yelling: Just help me!

    Captain, loudly: (Able Seaman 1), let’s go!

    Able Seaman 1: (yelling)

    Able Seaman 1: (yelling)

    Captain: (yelling)

    Able Seaman 1: (yelling)

    (A low frequency rumble)

    Captain, yelling: (Able Seaman 1)!

    Captain, yelling: It’s time to come this way!

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    I hope you copy pasted that

    that’s just too much work to type


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      Crazy people live in this, some for maybe thousands of years. Unbelievable.


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        I just watched the El Faro thing..... Seems like a common theme in so many major incidents like's not just one bad's usually a whole bunch of smaller bad decisions that lead up the event itself.

        I can't help but think how sports is like life in this way.

        The Broncos being a disaster right now is about a couple bad choices, but it didn't get to this point without a chain of other issues all happening first, over time.


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        Great thread idea, I'm a big fan of the genre. Start with a few of my favorites:

        THE FOG OF WAR - Called "The Architect of the Vietnam War," JFK + LBJ's Secretary of Defense was hated in some circles for it, despite release of audio tapes proving he tried to slow Johnson down. And while president of Ford Motor, he introduced and seat-belts in cars.
        TOM DOWD and the LANGUAGE OF MUSIC Best music documentary I've ever seen - more popular, legendary artists along with more styles of music than anybody could believe without actually seeing it. And he worked on the Manhattan Project too.

        AN APOLOGY TO ELEPHANTS - Be prepared for a few pangs of guilt, even if you never worked at a circus. These are highly intelligent, deeply emotional animals, and they've been nothing but mistreated, murdered and abused by us.
        .BLACKFISH - More mistreatment of the biggest animals we share our .planet with. But this one is different, as running alongside ours and Sea .Worlds' history of abuse of these Orcas is the story of .the deaths of .three of their trainers at the hands of these killer whales.


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          Fog of War was a solid watch. Had to end up writing some sort of paper around its contents for an International Politics/Relations course back in college.


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            "What I saw on September 11, 2001"

            This is a guy's home video.


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              Why The Crusades Were Awesome, Actually


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                Originally posted by Vera Hara
                Fog of War was a solid watch. Had to end up writing some sort of paper around its contents for an International Politics/Relations course back in college.
                Have you or BroncoBuff ever seen Ken Burns "Vietnam" ? I reccommend it. It touches on this quite a bit.