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    I have been around since the mid 1990s when TJ used to post on the Denver Post board. We used to joke about Schefter, then a Post reporter, and how he spent so much time giving restaurant reviews. I never really made friends partly because I was so very busy with work until the last few years. My user name is the name of my work computer at the time. I didn't join the OMane until 2004 since I just lurked and read the broncos news. Then there was a policy that to access the site during the draft (or training camp I forget) you had to become a member. So I joined and then started posting on the Omane. I migrated over here about a year ago. That is my story. Nice to interact with you guys.

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    Nice to meet you uplink, sorry I’m about to hijack your thread,
    I first joined the OM in the mid 2000s

    I used to post on the official broncos board in 03 when we got Jake Plummer. But that place quickly went to crap around 06-08. I’ve always liked the OM because of the many different funny personalities. Plus OM was loosely moderated which is good imo. I’ve even met some good people from the OM in real life that I still talk with today.

    good to have you here. I enjoy reading your posts