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    (I think some people don't like to call them foreign movies anymore. An India guy once got annoyed at me for this. Don't really know the trends anymore so just being polite)

    I watched the Japanese comedy R100 today. Funny. About a guy who hires a dominatrix service. The service sends girls to surprise attack him and ruff him up when
    he least expects it as he goes about his life. Free on Roku channel.

    actually the movies gets a bit dumb halfway through
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    hate to admit it...but I watched a movie a couple years ago called Amalie (I think) It was french. It had won some awards. The only reason I watched it was because the coverart was a picture of the main actress and she reminded me of my oldest daughter.

    Pretty good film. Hardly something a manly man would watch, but I enjoyed it.


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      I think the only one I watched was Das Boot. I'm not big on spending all that time reading subtitles.


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        Favorite Foreign films in no particular order: My Life As a Dog, Amour, The 400 Blows, Seven Samurai, Ran, Rashoman, Jean de Florette/Manon of the Spring, Das Boot, Strangers in Good Company, Babette's Feast, Yojimbo (everything by Kurosawa), The Seventh Seal, Shoah, The Wages of Fear, The Intouchables, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Wild Strawberries, Cinema Paradiso, Spirited Away (and all of Miyazaki's films), etc


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          City of God is an epic movie about gang life in Rio from the 1960s to the 80s. Great movie.
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