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Whistleblower LIED about DeSantis and got caught!

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  • Whistleblower LIED about DeSantis and got caught!

    Typical misinformation behavior from democrats.

    and yet the dumbass media screamed about this report back when she claimed it happened.

    something tells me not one of these media outlets will admit it was a lie. Also won’t be seeing misinformation tweets deleted either.

    hypocrites only hate select misinformation. The rest is all good to stay!

    Wall Street Journal slams media for heaping credibility on anti-DeSantis whistleblower

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    Yep because most of the major media are full willing participants in Democrat political stunting.

    An investigation by Inspector General Michael J. Bennett found her claims untrue based on the evidence.

    "Based upon an analysis of the available evidence, the alleged conduct, as described by the complainant, did not occur," Bennett's report said. The governor's office said she was let go for "insubordination."