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Bidens turning America into a 3rd world country.

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  • Bidens turning America into a 3rd world country.

    Jamie Dimon warns of an economic 'hurricane' coming: 'Brace yourself'

    There are two main issues that Dimon said are worrying him: The Federal Reserve moving to unwind its $8.9 trillion balance sheet, deploying a less-known tool known as quantitative tightening that will further tighten credit for U.S. households as officials try to tame red-hot inflation.

    The second matter weighing on Dimon is the Russian-Ukraine war and its effect on the price of commodities like food and oil. The bank CEO said that oil could hit $150 or $175 a barrel as a result of the conflict, which began in late February. Brent crude, the benchmark, is currently selling for $116 a barrel.

    10 dollar a gallon gas coming in the next 12 months. If only America was energy independent, like 2017-2020.

    Economic collapse coming. And clown Biden spending trillions….who’s taking on the debt from college kids? Someone’s going to pay for it. Hopefully Father Time will visit Biden soon.

    Democrats going to get destroyed by November when gas is over 7 dollars across the country, and grocery prices are too expensive for middle class

    said it the day Biden became president:

    middle class will become new poor. Of course, I was right.